Viewtiful Joe Matchups



I wanted to make this thread to discuss specific strategies against certain characters, as well as talk about specific matchups.

To start, I believe that Joe rapes Tekkaman. Many of Tekkaman’s attacks leave him open to faster characters, and Joe has time to IAD C after almost anything on guard. Of course, racking up sufficient damage is a bit of a problem, but smart baroques and good BnBs will fix that.

And I’d also like to discuss a matchup that I’m sure many of you are curious about: Joe vs Karas. The best character in the game, Karas, is one hell of a guy. Range, speed, power (with good combos), a reflector for voomerangs (the cannon, too!), and an infinite on Joe in both corners. This matchup is most definitely annoying, as well as extremely frustrating at times. When playing with Joe, I find that this matchup is entirely based on how many times you can trick your opponent. I play quite a few friendlies against a very good Karas that almost always lands the infinite consistently and knows how to put on extreme pressure. The only ways I can break through his guard is through smart and tricky voomerangs and RHCs. Throw in quite a few IADs and calling your assist while in the air so you can land an IAD C here and there, and you may land a combo on him if you’re lucky or smart. Also, this is one of the few times that the shocking pink (even as an assist) is actually useful! Karas just pounds on your guard all day, but if there is a bomb there then he’ll eventually have to let up and leave you alone. Against Karas, I always try to land far away from him and get a bomb out as he approaches, so he can’t just pressure me until he breaks through my guard. As an assist, the shocking pink can definitely be useful, although not as much so because of the long set timer on the bombs.

That is just the tip of the iceberg in this matchup IMO. Anybody else have any tips or input?


I seem to have trouble fighting tekkaman blade. Should i be spamming projectiles?


One trick with tekkaman blade is that you can hit/throw him out of his Yoyo thing, so you don’t need to be afraid to be up close.


Yeah the Yo-yo cross up can be stuffed with a 2C as well. Keeping him out with projectiles and building meter is pretty key although Teknoman’s air dash covers a lot of ground quick. Be aware of that.


Blade is indeed annoying as balls to play against, but like people said you can stuff his spinny thingy before it moves towards you. I still can’t figure out which direction I should be blocking (should I block TBlade or the yo-yo? I’ve had different results :/) but just attacking whenever you see him do it is the best way to fight him.

Although, TBlade is stupid hard to play against on wifi. Punishing shit on reaction is hard as hell in lag.


Block the opposite direction you normally would be blocking. The trick is he turns you around and hits you from the back. So, if your facing right (1P possition), Tekkeman Blade will make you face left and the attack will come from right to left. If you block like you normally would for any other attack, you’d press left. Now, you’ll have to press right.