Viewtiful Joe Speedruns

Watch this guy be ridiculously awesome at Viewtiful Joe, one of the most entertaining streams I’ve seen in a while. I know some people from here already know about it, but it deserves a post not only because of how unique it is, but how good he is at it.

yes, interesting streams and he is an unique and good man.

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I have actually been watching speedruns lately. How fast these guys play the games and the skills they possess is ridiculous. You guys should check out trihex speedrun Yoshis island that shit is insane.
I never knew how technical that game could get.

Also been watching SM64 speedruns and Sunshine speedruns and those dudes are straight parkour with that shit.

I never did beat VJ1… That’s kind of sad. VJ is misleadingly hard…

Viewitiful Joe speedruns are so fun to play or even watch. It’s neat see people use VFX and other neat tricks to get through the game as fast as possible.

Nobody noticed this thread was necro’d from a month ago by a guy trying to sell D3 gold?

THAT SAID: I think we should turn this into a general speed run thread. Speed runs of most games are really fun to watch, some most of the guys that do this know more about their game’s mechanics than the developers. It’s really awesome imo.

Summer Games Done Quick starts on the 25th.

Most people at agdq gonna be there I’m guessing/hoping?

Pretty sure they are. That Nintendo copyright on lets plays won’t effect it too much I’m hoping…

Funny a lot of dead threads were resurrected recently. Maybe we can make a new thread.

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