Vikings Are Better Than You

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To avoid getting lost on their voyages across the North Atlantic 1000 years ago, Vikings relied on the sun to determine their heading. (This was long before magnetic compasses were available in Europe.) But cloudy days could have sent their ships dangerously off course, especially during the all-day summer sun at those far-north latitudes. The Norse sagas mention a mysterious “sunstone” used for navigation. Now a team of scientists claims that the sunstones could have been calcite crystals and that Vikings could have used them to get highly accurate compass readings even when the sun was hidden.

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Vikings are better than you, and now we await brand new Viking technology. Just more proof that white people are awesome all over the world.

Also, remember that Vikings found North America first, not Columbus or George Bush circa 1200

There’s also mounting evidence that the Native Americans were actually the result of Vikings from the west and Asians over the eastern land bridge.

And the Vikings were here before the Asians…

Sun of a Gun, I’ll be darned!

That’s quite fascinating if true, do you have a link to this by chance? I know Leif Erickson was technically the first westerner to discover America, predating Columbus, but I’ve never heard of anything going further than that.

pretty sure it goes vikings…africans then asians.

Well, sure, anyone can navigate if they use magic fucking crystals. I’m not too impressed.


this isn’t news to metal fans

the azns got here first via land bridge. then centuries later the chinese got here in their junks. and then came the vikings. then much later came a group of retarded white people, led by columbus, who was too fucking dumb to even know where the fuck he was and thinking he had made it to india.

You’re wrong. And its not even close.

Asians were crossing the Pacific Ocean to the Americas (from the area now known ad Chili all the way north to what is know known as British Columbia) way before the Vikings discovered any of North America. We’re talking around 3000 - 1000 BC. Ever hear of the Polynesians (who where originally South-East Asian migrants)? Look it up.

Even if the Vikings did “discover” the Americas first, they didn’t really do anything with it. They didn’t settle, start a civilization, establish a trade route or leave any real evidence of them being there. It’s like being the first to step into a new house without buying it. Who gives a crap.

This just makes me believe that the vikings stumbled upon the new world like so many others.