Viktor Korchnoi, Dead at 85




I didn’t know him, but it sounds like he was a big deal. RIP.




I’m sad to hear that a chess icon died. RIP; 2016 is no joke.





We already have a stupid thread for 2016 deaths.

You made it.

Please stop


Also checkmate, Korchnoi B)



I almost made the first post “Checkmate.”

But good taste prevailed.

Does being a Ginger and thus at least tangentially related to 'Murika’s first slaves give you a pass, on that?

I’m too lazy to Google the protocols.


We haven’t fully explored our Crimson privileges yet. I think I get to say the n-word like Hispanics, though.


Nooooo!! Poor Viktor Kunoichi :frowning:


Pretty sure the ginger Soviet player you guys are thinking of was Smyslov, not Korchnoi.


Probably the greatest player never to become World Champion.

Also, a guy with the greatest longevity in chess history. He hit his prime and was the world #2 in his 40s, was the world #3 at times during his 50s, was still a top 40 player in his freaking 60s, and STILL a top 100 player throughout most of his 70s.

At 80 he won a tournament game from Fabiano Caruana, currently the world #3 and a possible future World Champion.

That level of longevity, especially in the modern chess world, where 40 is completely over-the-hill, is utterly unprecedented.


Yup. @SlayerofBodom will Carlsen retain?


Don’t we already have computers that made these guys irrelevant?


Nope. Computers nowadays are just tools. Kinda like netdecking in Magic the Gathering or training modes in fightIng games, etc.


Korchnoi predated that era. Back in the 70s, for instance, even an ordinary master that didn’t crack the world’s top 1,000 could defeat the strongest chess engine.