Vindictuus aka Mabinogi Heroes Online


Ok so the Early Open Beta Starts Today. But i have no idea nor do i know anyone that has an open beta key which is whats holding me back. Im sure it will go public beta but does anyone happen to have a key for this game they wouldnt mind letting me have.

Also If your playing the game, what are your impressions? Is it lacking, is the fighting system so awesome you shit yourself when you body slam a goblin into a fucking ice berg?

Any insight on the game would be cool as maybe i wont waste my time if this game is garbo. So far from videos it looks like Dynasty warrior / Kingdom under fire.


I haz one :open_mouth:

You need a nexon ID, I can PM you one, and you get 2 more which you’re supposed to pass along.


Did you play yet?

I got one actually thanks for the shot though homie. Lets party up when this shit goes live.


I’ll give this a shot, even though I know it’s going to be LOL GRIND FOREVER typical Korean MMO. Let’s not forget that it’s also Nexon…


Yep, its going to be a grind fest im sure, but i have nothing better to do until Cataclysm releases.


Download doesn’t go up for another day, at least that’s what the site’s saying. I’m not expecting it to totally be the killer release it’s being advertised as. Based on info I’ve read and videos I’ve watched, it kinda seems like both it and Dragon Nest are two halves of what could have been an awesome game but as they are separated they both end up lacking something. Actual gameplay does look swank though, the whole Monster Hunter/PSO direction MMOs are taking these days is very refreshing.

Like I was actually telling Spiritjuice earlier, at most I’m expecting this to hold me over until Dragon Nest, which holds me over til TERA which holds me over til Blade & Soul HOPEFULLY.

Only thing that might just be the deal breaker for these Nexon games is this “gold for gameplay” system where you have a set amount of in-game currency that I guess is exchanged for time. More or less it’s a fatigue system. In Vindictus you gotta spend this gold to get on boats which take you to instances, the more you play during a day, the more expensive the boat rides get, and if you run out mid-week, you have to wait until the following week to get default gold back. I’m pretty sure there’ll be ways around this, like having a friend party-up with you and paying your way, or Nexon providing $$$ for gold in the cash shops (hence the whole free model begins to break down into a “It’s free AND limited” scheme) but it just seems to me that combining a grindfest with this system is just gonna piss me off in long run, yet Vindictus is hardly a title to warrant a standard monthly fee. Hopefully exp rates aren’t too horrible.

The good news: the characters you make in beta carry over to the full release whenever it goes down. Nice bonus.


NegroNinja you basically laid out my whole plan of waiting out for tera then onto Blade and Soul too :rofl:. I only usually like mmos where theres some action and reaction involved (though lag absolutely kills that).

I just got a Early Access key (thanks dominos :rock:). So i’ll be playing this on wednesday. Though I probably need to play on low settings because my laptop is a POS.


I played KR Heroes when it came out week 1. It’s decent enough. Attacking is pretty broad when you level up a good amount.


I’m interested, and have a Nexon ID!


Sorry Amordien, i gave out my 2 keys to co-workers. But i will try to maybe contact them to see if they havent given out all their keys.

hopefully someone in this thread has a spare one to share with some SRK peeps. its like a hydra the more you hand it out the more keys are generated.


If anyone wants a key:


Hmm server not up yet. but i figure the company is located in korea so im sure we wont see it til later on today.


Yeah I figured it wouldn’t be a midnight thing, and I dunno if I can hang with waiting til like 6 a.m. for them to randomly decide to bring the servers up…by morning it should be all good though.


“If anyone”. :lol: I threw my hat in. Hopefully I’ll get a reply. It’s a crapshoot though. I never snag those things. Not sure how I can love something I’ve never played. :rofl:

How is it so far for anyone having thrown down yet?


Yo Amordien imma ask my co-worker.


If anyone got an extra beta-key, PM me. Thanks

My friend keeps bringing up this game while we play DFO so I wanna see what all the hype is about.


Will be on this shit tonight, back later with my IGN


I made two characters, a Lann and a Fiona, respectively. Names are AngryJuice and Oppai. I kind of wanted to play Lann a bit more since it seems more exciting, but the amount of Lanns vs Fionas seems to heavily favor Lann on the beta. That said, I’ll probably be playing my Fiona more… and besides, HER GOD DAMN NAME IS OPPAI AND THAT’S AWESOME.

Looking at character customization, I frowned really hard. I saw that stuff like “hair” and “eye brows” will later have stat attributes… and I hated that shit in DFO. I know Nexon US is going to wreck that aspect of the game. A shame. Sadly I haven’t had much time to play it yet.


donwload of game was acting funky early for me and a couple others. Should be fine to download now.


Just started a Lann type.
IGN: Biki

Still not sure what I’m doing, but thousand needles looked like the fucking business…too bad I need to get the skill from an NPC first but it’s supposed to be free with finish a main quest (which I hope includes the training quest…seeing as how the tutorial was telling me how to do it before I could even do it). So far, enjoying it, it’s a really good blueprint for the future Action MMO’s that are about to drop.

Superficial gripe, Left Left Right Smash combo should send motherfuckers flying >=\