Vine is shutting down. Everyone post your favourites



This one is my favourite, because of how true it is.


Looks like its saveable as mp4 video

Don’t let them take your internet!


If your vine doesn’t involve a race joke or a white girl tweaking making thousands of dollars in 5 seconds it’s trash.

Wonder what all these social media “stars” are gonna switch to… Twitter?


I’m not going to miss to it.


there needs to be a new website to take over now for comedy


Could just make 6 second youtube videos.


This is Tout’s chance!


Some of the ‘fail’ vines do be funny though


vine was never funny just shitty overacting

so fkn glad its dead


Why the fuck some nerd disagree my post.
The same douchebag who bumps the DEATH CARGO thread without reading anything.

“looks like a cool game can i play it?”

Stay in your lane.


yea…good riddance to rubbish.


I somewhat doubt that would work given how much of Vine is supposedly pornographic, even if some porn inevitably gets to stay up on Youtube for at least a while.

Anyway, I have to echo the sentiment that no one will really miss this since it was never anything of substance, though I could say that the same thing about so much social media, including its parent company of Twitter. Only shame is that people will lose their jobs for something that is not their fault, but that is unfortunately nothing new.


RIP Roundabout vines


No twerk vines?

For shame SRK, for shame…


twitter videos are more pornagraphic and from what i can tell twitter doesnt a give a fuck about it like they did on vine. plus it allows them pictures and not just vids.


Best news ive heard. Always hated vine and its community. So stupid.


Thank god all those shitty vine compilations and irrelevant “e-celebrities” can disappear once Vine shuts down


Wait what about WorldStarHipHop VInecomp? thats like my fucking religion


Wow, tough crowd I guess. Never thought Vine was this much hated, I mean yeah there’s silly shit on there but damn yo. Some of us are easily entertained I guess.


nerd vandals