VinSapient: Quick Introduction to everyone

Hi, I actually been on this forum for a while, but I have been pretty inactive, and haven’t had the courage to start playing fighting games competitively until now. My handle is VinSapient, and I live in Southern California. Hopefully I can meet and play some of you soon!!! I’m a complete noob, and I plan on working myself from the bottom by playing some Street Fighter V. For all of the other newer players who see this I hope we could rise up and become good together lol. I thank you guys for having me. I go in a bit more detail about myself in this Video here:
EDIT:(P.S.: If this is the wrong forum please alert me to the correct place to move it, as I am a bit confused to the layout. Thanks!!!)

Oh dear a newbie stumbled into GD, I hope you slipped into one of these before you created this thread.

Lol. Do you know where I move it to?

Part of me wants to help the other part of me wants to see where this could go…


Should have made the thread in the sub

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There is no intro section for a reason. If you want to join in, just join in. Don’t be a moron and you’ll be fine.

Also GD is for anything not related to fighting games yes, but it’s not an intro section. You can make one of course, but it’s not a smart move lol

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