Vinyl Dye-ing Sanwa buttons


I’ve done a lot of searches for the uses of vinyl dye, and one of the things I’ve been planning on doing is using it on my Sanwa buttons to get them to match the color of my art. I’ve read that spraypaint like Krylon Fusion isn’t a good idea because it will make the button too difficult to compress. Would Vinyl dye, which soaks into the plastic, work without sacrificing any usability? Obviously I intend to take apart the button and remove the switch, but would going at the plastic pieces with vinyl dye work out?



If you can apply it with extremely thin coats and be patient (so you don’t have buildup) then there’s no reason it shouldn’t work.

I painted the rims on a set of Crown buttons once, and they’ve lasted for months without wearing or having any problems. I used a couple coats of clear for protection though.