Vinyl Stickers? - (Specifically for a Fightstick Pro)

I wanted to customize my Fightstick pro I just recently bought from Play-Asia with some TEKKEN artwork.

Looking at different designs I noticed technique of applying artwork using Vinyl Stickers which hides the screws underneath.
I’m interested with going with the vinyl sticker finish, but is it the better solution compared to something like a plexi glass?

Has anyone of you guys added Vinyl Sticker to a Fightstick pro or even any type of arcade stick? I’m curious to know how it been coping with you guys and what not.

Using plexiglass is more durable and versatile than using a vinyl sticker.

Vinyl stickers are harder to apply, harder to remove, and will wear down with use.
Plexi tops are more recommended because they protect your art, they protect your stick surface, and it’s easier to swap the art whenever you want.

Not to say that vinyl stickers don’t have their uses; they’re better if you want to cover more than just a flat surface (ie, you want to wraparound your entire casing, or you’re using a case with a bent top panel like the Mad Catz SE casing).

Jasen’s Customs might be able to help. @“Jasen Hicks”

It’s really hard to find on their site but Marvelous Customs does vinyl for Fightstick Pros. Links

Indeed. I do one off stuff all of the time for folks. For example, I have done multiple overlays for @PinoyPryde and his SE projects. Custom stuff usually starts around $20.