23 Total!

1 Mt Sac Kid - Guile
2 Bobino - Rufus
3 Edma - Viper, Ken, Gief,
4 Kai - Chun
5 Sanchez :mad: - Abel, Guile
5 Gootecks - Ryu
7 Pigadoken - Ryu
7 Viscant - Blanka
9 Nasir - Ryu
9 Bebop - Vega
9 Scott - Ken, Ryu
9 Kurt - Chun
13 Mike - Bison
13 Ryan - Honda
13 Shogo - Blanka
13 Bullet - Abel
17 Lovepig - Abel
17 Chan - Ken, Ryu?
17 Shoo :mad: - Bison
17 Pherai - Sagat
17 Pete L. - Guile
17 NKD - Sagat
17 Jacob D. - Gief

HUGE thanks to everyone for coming out and for helping out in the tournament.

Gootecks for the audio set up, Scott for the video, Sanchez for the commentary, right now i can’t think of more names (im tired) but any help and support was GREATLY appreciated.


Everything ran perfect (sorry if it was a little late<33) I hope everyone had a good time and see everyone at the next one.

Now I’m going to sleep cuz i’m dead tired you little shits.

Jacob was Gief.

scrubbing through the video right now. sorry audio got weird, the announcer completely disappeared for some unknown reason. I’ll have to look into it next week. the video itself however looks FANTASTIC. Everyone at home will get it in a nice 640x360 resolution.

but here’s some screenshots i pulled from the video in the meantime:

thanks for the googly-eyes capcom

you little shit

gooood shit bob and sancheezy

how in the fuck did Kai place 4th? Sanchez, Gootecks, Pigadoken, Viscant… any one of these niggas should have easily taken that spot. sigh i wish i could have stayed to see the tourney all the way through. :sad:

mt. sac: good shit on the win. :woot:
bullet: sorry for the confusion in our matchup. i’m sooo scrubby. :wasted:
pherai: niggas ain’t seein the j-lo jacket. :rofl:
shogo: so glad you came down. it was nice seein you after however long. i’ll try my best to make it down to Denjin soon. i wanna see that quote framed on the wall. lol. :tup:
kai: that pineapple pastry sucked, noob. :arazz:
bobino: soooo close… one day… one day. :lol:
scott: the man with the plan. the vids are no doubt gonna be sick. much props to the time and care you’re putting into them. :lovin:
sanchez: 5 words for you. Top. Again. Four. Kai. Never. not necessarily in that order… :shake:
shoo: thanks for running the tourney as usual. 2:30 SHARP!!! :looney:
ed: tap down, tap forward, tap down, tap down, tap down, tap down, tap down… oh, i guessed wrong… insert coin… tap down, tap down, tap down… oh yea! i win! woooo!!! :nunchuck:

I suck at this game right now. Need to start coming on Thursdays and get some practice in. GGs to everyone, I need to start playing Sagat. How come we don’t have more dedicated Sagat players?

–Jay Snyder

ggs, good tourney, thanks to shoo, sanchez, scott and scott’s brother!


ggs you little shits.

GGs to errrybody in this tournament
things i learned:
abel’s roll into throw/ex throw is pimp and doesn’t waste any life at all wink
rufus is better than magneto
sagat’s tigerknee is stupid broken

gs to the person[s] who brought the setup for the live feed
next time i’ll actually talk in the commentary instead of rushing off. see you next time!

great tournament and great turnout
good games to everyone
next one a team tourny???

Good shit Christian for just shittin on niggas…

way to get dem pesos Christian:rock:

Sorry bobino Super Arcade can’t win at AI its arcade policy:karate:

Can’t wait to hear Sanchez on the mic, its going to be on the match videos right?

Let me apologize ahead of time for sanchez and my I’s commentary.

I suck and he was sick at the moment.

Gootecks was GDLK though

Yes well I know how you got 9th.

Pineapple Bread owns you noob.

My bracket was not easy.

I only played Gief once. I just wanted the free win on Sanchez so I could get through to third! Hahahaha… I forgot I still had to play Kai though. Ah well, I’m switching to Ken from now on.

GG all!

BTW Kai, low forward OWNZORS YOUR CHUN’S FACE! :rock: :rock: :rofl:

Booo…that means no Viper players at the next tournament. Can’t wait for SFIV tourneys to be a regular thing. It’ll definitely be the game that’ll bring the SF community together. All happy playing the same game. A game that we can all play together in harmony. :lol:

I called that before you even started playing the game, when you told me she looked interesting. :rofl:

yeah, no worries man, your vega is too nice. gg brotha