VIOLENT Fighting To Come Again- tournament aftermath

ill keep updating this thread…no i dont have the results of the tournament but i just wanna give big props to everyone who came out this year and to those who took the time and effort to come from other states…thank you…i knew i didnt stand a ghost of a chance in CVS2 but i wanted that first hand experience…i did great in third strike and turbo…i happy with my wins…you learn from your mistakes…thats what makes you the shit in any game…im sure gamefrog made a hefty profit out of us with the prices…lol

so post here if your entered the tournament on may 5th, 2007 in carolina place mall

oh ok

spelling + thread in wrong place = nothing because those aren’t actual integers so uhhhhh fuck you’re dumb

Don’t post shit like this in FGD again. There’s a forum already made for stuff like this called TOURNAMENT RESULTS.