Violent ken av

Hey whats up guys. I am wondering if any of you guys can make me a vio ken av using my own drawing because it’s kinda hard to find anything on him. Maybe make it a redish palette like my current one using the words Violent Maligore in white lettering… (I just made it right now to show example and it’s very ugly).

In return if you are having a hard time finding a character I can just draw it for you. Won’t look as good as original, but I promise to try my best. Thanks in advance for anyone who accepts.

uh…i’ll give it a shot…nice drawing by the way…

um…well here it is…just tell me if there’s anything you want changed…

I made one too, just because I wished to be competitive. I have the .psd file in case you end up it choosing and want anything altered.


i did this in 3:00 min:p

Wow they all look sweet! I’m digging fritz’s one the most though. Thanks a bunch and if you want anything let me know whats up.


Is it at all possible to ask a request of you even though you didn’t go with my avatar?


i out lined it… if it looks any better use it:D

glad you like it…um…as of now i don’t really have a request…but if i do ever think of one…i’ll hoLLa @ you…thanx again…