Violent ken from snk vs capcom


hi peeps, i’m pretty new here…i saw sfmc’s nice violent ken so i tried one too! :slight_smile: hope ya like, thanks.


nice vken! the coloring is great :slight_smile:


wow that’s a very cool ken! i like how the flames surround him…gives some nice aura :slight_smile:


Very nice. I would say paint the rest of his clothes and skin like you painted his hair and flaming aura. Overall goos pic bro.


thanks for comments :slight_smile:


violent ken reminds me of hayato…nekketsu


whats nekketsu?


nekketsu means burning

hayato nekketsu , from Rival schools …he just looks alike , if he got his hair dyed white color …


pretty decent try, lots of jacked up anatomy but at least you tried hard. i’d leave out all the chinese/japanese lettters. it distracting and ugly as sin.


at least i didnt try to draw it out as some non-japanese lamers do; but i think its best u dont think of japanese/chinese/any foreign language like that way.

thx for cmt


Heheheh, don’t take sweet’s comments to heart, dood… he’s like the Simon-from-American-Idol dood in the forum. I think you gave V. Ken that look purposely(perhaps?)… cuz really w/ detail like that i kinda find it hard that you wouldn’t have your anatomy down, brother. Well what I’m tryin to say is it’s crunked up, keep it up… and Sweet’s non-jap shit ain’t lame… just non-jap…:lol:


oh i’m not like ‘horrified’ by sweet’s comment…just found it amusing.


im not saying using the lettering isnt cool, i just said the way you use it is wack. when its appropriate like akuma’s back sign its cool but when you use it like some cheap race car in the fast and the furious it doesnt work.


ic thanks thedude



cant see, red x