Violent Ken sprites?

Does anyone know where I can find sprites for Violent Ken from SvC Chaos? I’m particularly looking for his Shun Goku Satsu (the “floating” approach, not the final pose), but I’ll take whatever. I’ve tried the search function, Google, and the stickies and have come up empty.

Thanks for any help!

Violent Ken has no Shun Goku Satsu in SvC. He has an Omega Rugal-esque attack, dashing and puching/kicking his enemy, though. (the animation of this dash move is the same as his dashing animation)

there’s his super.

you could download the Mugen Violent Ken and use Mugen Character Maker to extract the sprites you need.


Neat, thanks guys.

here’s his fighting stance…

Thanks, but I can’t view the link (not a member there), and the image isn’t showing up for me.

EDIT: Got a sprite from the image OrangeCat linked. Thanks, all!