Violent ken

Here is a sketch of Violent ken. Just messing around with some techniques in ps. He’s my new fav character. More dope than evil ryu imo. What do you think?

shit! that’s badass! violent ken does in fact beat out evil ryu for cooler character. his name says it all. haven’t had the chance to play chaos yet tho …

as for the picture that shits rocking very hardcore. i’m digging this one a lot. if you pushed ken off to the right side and threw evil ryu in front on the left that’d be a badass pic that’d sweep sweet’s competition for sure.

love your painting technique as always. btw, is this why you used “a dude wearing red clothes” as an example?

major ass kicking.

Does it ever stop comming?..

‘comming’ :lol:

Terrific, bet you didnt see that comming:lol: there it is agian.

I havent played Chaos yet either. Oh, by the way about the comment on Cging. Im with you all da way. Im taking photoshop and Illustrator next semester. Something tells me I wont like it, old fashioned I suppose.

Keep the drawing comming…:lol:

This is awesome, i love the thick lining. anatomy is perfect. although i woulda liked to see his hair cleary though, not blurred…oh well, still great work SFMC. :slight_smile: and btw, thats a sweet entry you got for sweet

We gotta game on live sometime dude. I noticed you from the online forums. If Biggzy gives you props you probably can hand me my ass then. Oh and thanks for the props guys and girls? Yakuza this wasn’t really an example just had to draw ken since I never did and he’s badass now in that form.

i did notice one thing, his shoulder muscle seems really scrunched, is it too short? also where his neck meets his chin, i think its too close. i wish i could color as natural as u do.

oh yah, how is the lag on xbox? i might get one just so i can kick your ass >=P

Umm I’d say I have lag 3 out of 10 games. It’s really good for me. You should get one dude. Yeah the shoulder could be short and neck also, but as buff as ken and ryu are you can elongate if you want to make it dramatic. Oh and are you saving them duckets up cause it would be cool to play you dog… bicuit.

Clear out your PM box, SFMC :slight_smile:

Hmm…my xbox live has been acting up lately, i can’t seem to get online. but as soon as i do, i’ll try to add maligore to my f-list. oh, and biggzy was just flattering :stuck_out_tongue:

Yama up in the wiz

Hey, pretty pimp portrait. Likin’ the colors and Ken is looking nice. The cheeze wiz cheeze steak with onions is funny too, heh heh. Good job.

I wunna playz yaz in XBL 2. Ownz you with my HUGE ASS X-Box controller and Iori, Yama, Sagat combo.

:slight_smile: I knew it, your AV is personaly made! True artist. Just barely noticed.

SFMC: Okay, now I’m sure you’ve been asked this a zillion times already, but what do you color with? With cg tools these days, it’s tough to tell the hand colored from the cg.

really good stuff as usual, and in an interesting pose to boot :wink:

I think it looks very well drawn and painted. Just wondering if you considered laying down some really strong shadows (not necessarily black, but maybe a very dark purple - that sort of thing) in this pic? Might help emphasize the wanton destruction of Violent/Brainwashed Ken.

great stuff,

Hey thanks for checking my stuff out guys. Rook, yeah he should have more cool colors in there. Since the character is so cool I may take another stab at him and use the purples in there.

Rushmore I just plain ol use photoshop 7 with 1 tool which is the brush tool. You would have to have a wacom tablet to get some of these strokes though. I did use some cheesy dirty tricks in this pic though like blurring and lighting effects. Think it came out to be like 4 layers.

Fucking NICE!!! I’m catchin up on some old shit so don’t mind me… I have no comp at my crib so I’m usin my friend’s comp… I missed like every post since Sweet’s contest due date.
Fucking NICE SFMC!!! SFMC= Super fuckin Matser Champ!!!:lol: I am officially your fanboy. :lol: