Violent Video Game Tax?,0,7071951.story

We should put a tax on all non Mature/Teen/AO games then, for diluting the market and forcing those other games to sell for higher prices.

Oh, and we should lower the age requirements on games. Explain to me why mild humour or showing a cigarette or alcohol in a video game or saying lame ‘curse’ words like damn, suddenly makes it for teens/adults.

fuck that dumb ass bull shit
tax your fucking country clubs pos fucking assholes

it leads to bullying cuz of ignorant asshole like this faggot wanna take something what have, put it out of our reach, then expect us not to react, pffff

No one is gonna take this seriously. It’s been proven time and time again that video games and degenerative behavior show no correlation to each other. The fact that he’s using his own subjective experience instead of using scientific research means that he has nothing to base his claims on (he says he has research, but doesn’t provide it?). What kind of reasoning is that?

Also, I doubt a “gentleman” would shoot a police officer and steal a car.

Raise taxes on people with killer in their surname.

Am I doing it right?

Exactly! A gentleman would instead punch you in the face, call you gutter trash, then look for HIS stolen car.

Will “Fourkiller”?

Sounds like a cheesey violent videogame character’s name.

Well that explains why I skipped class like 3 times throughout highschool, all them damn video games…
Any day now I’m expecting to bloat up and become the most obesiest motherfucker ever. And it will have nothing to do with my eating habits and (lack off) physical activity, I’m sure.

This dumbass is right about one thing video games definitely desensitize people.

I like how Bully is targeted once again as a scapegoat for yet another “think of the children” bill. What was that, 7 years ago?

I highly doubt that. By the time you are old enough to play violent games your mind should have developed enough to not be affected by them.

It’s the same with movies, yet you don’t see anyone trying to impose a “violent movie” tax. It’s just dumb how video games are ALWAYS the target for these kinds of things, as if nothing else could possibly influence a child’s mind.

It will work because when a kid asks their parents for a violent video game, they will call them a little shit for wanting expensive crap, punch them in mouth and make them play the (presumably) subsidized Barbie-Doritos touch football/friendship simulator.

Yeah, so does everything else. TV, music, the news, movies, REAL LIFE

Apparently this dick clown hates Rock*, seeing as he hates Bully (a shit game most people didnt play), and GTA is oh so obviously the reason behind every car jacking in the world.

Heh, I played video games ALL throughout high school and most of my life. The only thing keeping me in shape was the sports I played on the side, and my metabolism. Sure I am getting out of shape now, but I blame that more on my busy schedule. Kinda hard for me to go to a gym when I spend 12 hours a day at work, and 8 hours a day sleeping. I get like 4 hours a day on workdays to cook, clean, and enjoy myself. Oh boy oh boy.

Alright looks like it’s time to tear this statement apart, written in bold is my thoughts as I read through this.

These are the same people who will push for the regulation of sugar because of its toxic affect.

What should be explained is why is it that these motherfuckers push the moral card, when they are immoral fucks with high divorce rates, a large number of them are closet gays, extremely greedy individuals, and always lie and disregard personal accountability and responsiblity and throw it on somebody else. Aren’t these fuck always saying shit about government being to big? This is why govenrment is to big you dumb fucks.

Why is it that people with no real problem solving skills and lack the ability to plan long term, are the ones running this country (businessmen, investors, lawyers)?

Why is this nations law schools pumping out idoits who couldn’t distinguish between common law and the 2nd set of books which rule us all?

When I go shootinz theze nikkaz an shitz, ima be like, yo, yo, itz wantzed me yew know,? Itz was Anzientz alienzzz who told me to do it. So yew nikkas best STFU, LMFAO

grand theft auto…bully…? what about mortal kombat? but seriously, videogames cause violence? I wonder what videogames Hitler was playing to make him do the things he did. Just sounds like another way for government to get your money.

Video games have been blamed for peoples behavior since like ever. Never understood why movies dont get this flak considering a PG-13 movie is worse than a rated M game.

yeah, same goes for booze, smokes, etc etc. Tax that shit, or raise taxes on it. You dont get to tax certain forms of art because you dont like them. Isn’t that against the first amendment, somehow?

This reminds me of something I didn’t say nearly often enough when it was still a thing.


Fuck Lieberman.

Night Trap makes people rape women with drill-collar things. You’re all perverts.

Has taxing shit purely to reduce incentive to buy things been going on for a while? I understand the case with cigarettes because of the health care costs, but the tax here just seems arbitrary. What would the tax solve? I don’t know of anyone who would change their decision to buy a game because of a 1% tax on them.