Viper curriculum

Hey guys,

New to fighting games, but not new to gaming. I’d consider myself pretty hardcore as far as other styles and Fighters are one of the last few areas I’ve never really gotten into. That being said, I started a couple of weeks ago learning Abel but I think I really like C. Viper the most.

Since I’ve never really learned a character or SF in general, could you guys maybe post a curriculum of how to go about learning Viper?

I’ve seen all of the resources and a lot of videos, but I’m looking for something like this:

Step 1: Learn blabla (estimate hours)
Step 2: Once you can blabla well, do blablabla (hours)
Step 3: once you can blabla-blablabla in a match, do X

That’s pretty simplified, but something along those lines would be really helpful. You don’t need to flesh out every single move or combo, either. I just want to pace myself and make sure I go about things in an order that makes sense.

there is no set way to play street fighter per say. A general idea of what you want to do is

  1. don’t do unsafe moves (ie jumping at people for no reason, random special moves), everything you do should have a purpose.

  2. watch how the other person plays, there is no set strategy for playing a certain character.

  3. Practice until you really understand the game.

As for viper specifics, most can be summed up with a few posts from Flash that are scattered throughout the video thread. Props to you that I’m bored at work.

the most important being this

followed by some slightly more advance/insightful things to help advance ur game.

I see ur from austin, there are some great players out there. hit up the local thread, head out to UFO, I’m sure you can find tons of hands on help.