Viper drills

Hi im interested in learning c.viper, i have been maining cammy.

id like to know what are the viper drills that you need to do to play a viable viper.

thanks ;D

A good combo to do is J HK, FFF, ex seismo, sjc fadc, sweep. That covers multiple things. It works on FFF, and covers sjc ultra and sweep, because if you can sjc fadc sweep, you can automatically sjc fadc ultra since it’s easier. It can also help with plinking practice if you decide to plink the sweep.

I’d say just go through the sticky threads here in the viper forum and start by getting down her basic play techniques: high jump canceling, instant hj bks, of course her FFF like Digital717 suggested, feints (seismo and TK), seismo chaining, etc. I mean she has actually a lot of little things you can practice individually then throw what you have learned into more advanced techniques/combos etc. Try and watch some top level viper player vids too, those can be considered ‘drills’ and can help out quite a bit. When i was learning her I found trying to throw too much into the mix at one time made learning very difficult but breaking things up into smaller segments (like just focusing on FFF) really helped.


The SJC FADC to sweep is that meterless or not?

i need to look uop how to that properly. I am thinking its like the super jump command followed by the double tap forward then buffer ultra / sweep?

The most straight forward way is down up, then fadc, yes. I don’t do it that way, but that is essentially what it is. And yeah you buffer the ultra. For the sweep I suggest plinking cuz the timing is pretty tight.

my typical drills includes
insta bk, sjc ult, fff sjc fadc ult/sweep, ex seismo feint, feint into hp tk, seimo chian, seismochain feint. string, low trajectory bk…

my drills are tick throw and throws

Try fff sjc ultra.

I like to incorporate IASJBurning Kick in my block strings in training mode. Usually after a block string ending in a FP TK feint. But what Digital said is definitely important.

for FFF xx ex.seismo xx sjc fadc, sweep, anyone know the frame window between sjc fadc and c.roundhouse? tried this combo, cannot sweep at the end for the life of me.

not sure of actual frames, but your problem is most likely dashing to slowly from the sjcfadc. also, try plinking the sweep. It feels llike a 2 frame link once you get the timing down and plink the input…

Just wait for Viper to fully stand before you hit K, not hard if you pay ATTN at first then work it into muscle memory.