Viper: From PC to Console

Is anyone having as much trouble as I am transitioning from pc to console SF IV? I’m not sure exactly what it is nor am I sure this needs a new thread, but I find I can’t FFF for beans from PC to Console. I’m struggling with sjc normals to ultra, hell, sometimes I can’t even instant burn kick. Am I crazy or is there a little latency between my stick from one to the other due to motherboard chipsets or do I just need to work on it?

I’m getting stomped in local comp due to failing punishes miserably, but when on PC with local players I’ve got a bit more “bite” to me.

are you using a different tv/monitor? Most HDTV’s have noticeable input lag

I have tested the input lag on my keyboard versus my joystick/gamepad/anything usb

It’s my usb ports it seems as crazy as that sounds. 16 ms locally on anything usb, and then between 1 and 2 ms on my keyboard and mouse. I have another setup capable or running SF IV, I’ll test that tomorrow.