VIper looking for blanka practice



aight so im a viper on psn looking for an above average blanka to practice with because i struggle so hard with the matchup. if you mash electricity all day or do a ridiculous amount of stupidly timed blanka horizontal balls you do not fall under my definition of good so yaa dont respond. however if you know electricity combos, hop mixups, etc. i would appreciate it if you would help me because this matchup, and blanka in general, really annoy me and i would like to get better at it. so if you want to help me my online id is nufrespect. thanks and good day


I’m on psn, I’ll play you. Not sure how well, I just jump and hop around and mash electricity and do rainbow rolls all day.


I play top ranked vipers on PC and beat them regularly, I think blanka has a clear advantage here.