Viper noob stuck on hard trial #2

I can’t seem to cancel the move into the ultra, just doesn’t come out fast enough.

I believe you should check here first:

their is a trial thread and Q&A thread you could ask a question like this, no need for a totally new thread trying to prevent clutter, but their is def some good info on this subject in the trial thread, make sure your buffering ultra with the cancel thats how i did it.

Checked the thread, didn’t really see what i was looking for, my problem is i don’t cancel fast enough, and the cancel still lights up red while i’m in the motion for the ultra, just Dan blocks the ultra, i saw the video of someone doing it and they don’t flash yellow for the cancel before the ultra, i can’t seem to get the timing down for this.

then you answered your own question, your timing is off keep practicing it untill you get it right, no need to make a totally new thread about this topic as ppl have asked this same question over and over again. you seem to know the combo just tweak your timing untill u find what works.

edit: and you shouldnt flash yellow because its a thunder knuckle feint and a hjc to ultra.

2nd edit: and again ask your questions in the appropriate thread b/c this question HAS been answered b4 and if you dont want to look for it, then you can ask it in the Q&A thread which is for quick simple answers.

Post your question in the designated questions and answers thread next time you have a question. That’s what the Q and A thread is for. If you can’t find it in a thread you ask in the asking thread. Come on. :lol:

Anyone else posts in this thread and I will have it closed. So don’t do it.