Viper player here. How do I beat Claw?



He gives me more trouble than anyone in the cast.

SJ Burn kick? Nope. Air throwed.

Fish for confirm with footsies? Nope get cr. MP poked to death and ex dived. Or he flips around through my normals

Seismo spam? Nope. He flips around my normals and I can’t hit him.


You don’t. You don’t beat Claw.


You came to the wrong neighborhood bruh.


Why? People come to the Guile forum to ask how to beat Guile, and likewise for other characters. Logically, I extrapolated that method to this board.


This way:

Cross-up Burn Kicks are your answer. If you get thrown out of your Super Jump, then you did it from too far away. You need to be in a distance where your jump-in would hit normally and a late Burn Kick will cross up. So that the Claw player has to guess/ FA-Dash. Either way, after your landing you will be right in his face were you have the clear advantage.

  1. if you’re doing burn kicks from half to full screen, people can react to it.
  2. if you’re getting poked while fishing, predict the poke and burn kick. medium attacks have a fair bit of recovery. or you could ex seismo. or you could just jump. or you could focus throw it. or you could counter poke. if you predict a poke, he can’t anti air because he doesn’t have the time to react. if you get u2’d, next time, bait the u2 by empty jumping, or burn kick to avoid it. if he flips through normals, predict it and burn kick it.
  3. if he flips through seismo spams, feint it, make him twitch.

general tips: vega has weak offence. once you get a life lead, just sit on it. if he does wall dive to escape, dash, ex thunder knuckle when he lands. practice this in training room. if he wall dives towards, jump back burn kick/whatever normal or block, and punish with ultra. practice all the possible punishes in training room so you don’t get random’d out. in every case, you guessing right hurts him more than he hurts you.


Thanks. Guess I need to work my on Burn Kicks.


ex scarlet terror (the flip kick) and u1 goes right through burn kicks, so be careful of that


Here’s a vid of me getting bodied by a Vega today. I tried big time to cross up burn kick Vortex him, but he simple did waaaay more damage as Vega.
Also, how do I block his ex…fly to the other side of the screen move it always hits me?


your jumps are inaccurate.
you’re jumping too often.
you are not using seismos to lock him down.
you always jump after a mp thunder knuckle…
you didn’t combo into ultra after burn kick
after a knockdown, you don’t always have to do another burn kick, you can jump jump hk into frame traps. you were close to stunning him after so many burn kicks in the face.
when at neutral, slow the fuck down. you got 99 seconds, not 10.

use training room to highten up your reactions to the ex sky claw. this gimmick doesn’t work offline. ex seismo punish it.


You know, I’m sure this goes without saying. But I really think you should just focus on improving your own character skill above all else.
Sure, matchup experience and knowledge will help, but you should get a better handle on your own character first.