Viper player looking for Gief matchup practice

One of the matchups I either do well in sometimes or completely shit the bed. I just want to play it more so I can focus on making my zoning and spacing a little better. If anyone can help me, my GT is DRD Magnegro.

Lol nice GT. I am always looking for practice against different vipers. GT is bitbna on XBL and Steam.

I hate Viper more than anything, I’ll be glad to break that disgusting whore’s bones. GT KashaPsychoJosh.

I’d be happy to help, I also want to learn the Viper match-up since I’ve only been able to play it 5 times. My gamertag is PenguinShivers, also, I live in Mexico City, if that’s an issue don’t worry, I understand, but normally I don’t have any issues playing with people from anywhere on the US.

Telmex really needs to step up with their speeds.