Viper rx, bullcat or desora going?

Anyone know if they are going to the loc tests? I know viper speaks english right? Would be real intersting to hear his take and even better for him to offer feedback.

Viper probably posts more on the Taiwanese(or was it HK?) fighter forum, the location tests are exclusive to Japan right? Asking him would be nice though, maybe he has a liaison that could kick some knowledge to him and he can in turn to us. I asked Desora if he’s going, but haven’t gotten a reply back.

Didn’t realize viper was taiwanese.

I may be mistaken, he is chinese, so I believe he’s either from Hong Kong or Taiwan. In any case Desora speaks some English so maybe he can help.

how are you contacting these guys?

For Desora I was going to ask him on PSN, but just messaged him on facebook. I don’t have xbl to ask viper.


Thanks for the post Imm0rt4l. It’s nice the hear what Viper thinks of the Gouken buffs.