Viper Seismo chain challenge by ShaunT

So guys, this has been something ive been really thinking about, and i finally decided to put it out there.

The Viper Seismo Chain Challenge; i made a video explaining everything, but here ae the rules. -copied from the description box i did-


  1. Pick Viper

2.Pick a character that can be touched by a seismo punch in the far corner while crouching. Sagat & Rufus are the ones i mainly use

  1. Set the settings to Crouching and all block.

4.Go to work on the dummy lol.

For help n how to chain seismo chains, check here:

Ill make a video response of a little sample seismo chain to get the scores started, and after that, just send your video responses to this video and post how many seismo punchs you chained.

So yeah, all you have to do is send a video response to the link posted above, and post your video here if you would like. Thanks. :china:

Lol, this could be fun.

I think a lot of us could go on almost forever, lol. Maybe I’ll make one going to 20 or so and post it up just to get it started.

I’ll try and deplete the entire lifebar, then stop, lol. My execution’s crap now, so it’ll take me a while.

I did 25 on my first try. Took about 80% of Sagat’s life. I don’t feel like trying again, lol. I’ll post a link soon when I upload it.

Crap, I got about 80% too, but I didn’t record it because I was practicing, lol.

EDIT: Great, my camera ran out of juice, gotta charge it, lol. I’ll try this later on.

EDIT: 98% health. This is a cakewalk, lol.

Man I don’t want to upload mine now, lol. What’s the point. It will be beat anyways.

Nah, upload it, lol! Both of ours will be beaten by somebody else anyway, haha.

BTW, do we have to start the chains up close or it doesn’t matter?

the key is to see the endurance of the players and how many one could actually do, while also working on execution for the newer viper players and the ones that main her.

and no you canstart newhere

Seismo chains are so easy though. Anyone who mains her should be able to roll off 50 or so at least. It’s not like RSF for Fuerte or something like that.

RSF on a pad is impossible I swear, lol, I can only get 2 hits.

@ShaunT: Ah, okay, I’ll start from full screen then. Still waiting for my camera to charge up.


There’s my crappy 25 seismos, haha. My score will be beat for free by Ryuga, lol.

edit… I don’t use shitty youtube so I can’t send a video response to your link.

Lol, you would not believe this, but I can’t do Seismo chains now, ahahahaha. You’re still in there!

LOL… Seismo chains are the easiest things, but every now and then you randomly lose the timing for them. Ah, the joys of Viper.

Nooooooooo, why it’d have to happen now, lol.

EDIT: Ah, what a piss take, had no troubles doing this before, now I can’t it for shit, lol. And I was getting like 45 in a row before. >_<

LOL. If I win this with 25 that would be sad as hell.

BTW I never noticed that vortex of wind or whatever it is that surrounds her fist on the way down before. Something good did come out of this, lol.

Im HOPING other ppl will take part in it, but its not something you have to do, its just for fun/experimenting purposes; kind of like the sonichurricane challenges (in a way, just ghetto-er lol). And its ok digital i watched the vid so i know you entered it, ill put this thread in the description of the vid just in case.

I’ve got 28 recorded, lol. So annoyed since I had like 45 before, which is annoying. Oh well, I’ll go for a higher score.

Idk, whenever i record i feel like im under pressure, which sounds weird but thats how it is for me. But thinking about this challenge, repeating the seismo’s is like an exercise to over come that pressure for the future to come; unless you’re a regular tourney player and you dont feel too much pressure as it is lol.

I’ll do another one later to at least take gat’s life bar down to zero. I have to study though now so it will be a while before I get around to it.