Viper smokes weed?

Hey guys, I was checking out the new USA SSFIV site and was looking at the character and noticed something I never noticed before…

On C. Viper’s new SSFIV art, you can clearly see her belt buckle, but if you look closer, it seems to be a marijuana leaf…does our beloved CIA agent also love Mary Jane?

It’s not a hemp leaf, it’s just a symbol that looks like one.

Seriously? Do you even play C.Viper? Everyone smokes weed any ways. Get that trash Sagat avatar out of my Viper forum. :lol:

yeah. . . I don’t think I know a family that doesn’t consist of one pot head. But THAT’s not a weed plant. . .

Really?.. It looks like a thunder knuckle feint, not a hemp leaf.

Shouldn’t this thread be about what’s under that belt buckle :stuck_out_tongue:
oh Viper such a hot mom.

Everyone knows most Milfs smoke weed.

What with all that stress of taking care of a child while being a secret agent and stuff :wink:


Here we go:

yo i heard she lights a fatty in the air during her ultra on the way up, and then smokes that on the way down, true story.

lol for random thread.

actually now i’m thinking about it. Viper does have a tag that says “I gotta Quick Smoking” What would that be referring to?

Does she have a good connect cuz im out.

Naw, the title is “Gotta Quit Smoking”

She’s probably talking about her multiple unfortunate victims of burn kick shenanigans.

What do you think her burn shoes are for.