Viper specifications



Hi SRK !

So i just started playing sf4 again as i saw AE was comming to PC for july. I think of myself as prolly the most worst players with a stick, i’ve been playing third strike on keyboard for about 4-5 years now and making the leap to a TE stick was a big deal, i bought it a while back when SF4 first came out and never got to actually play on it since i couldnt execute anything properly. Its pretty frustrating when you can super cancel easily on the keyboard. But enough said about that.

As i started playing viper i knew i could find some pretty good information here. I also found out that the last normal who cancels from a string normal combo would need to be linked instead of canceled ? I actually found this quite game changing but i am wondering if let’s say jab jab is really a cancel.

Also i would be grateful for any information regarding her 1frame link from st.short -> cr.fierce, is it really a 1frame time link ? Its 1/60 * 1000ms ??? I know theirs something to help out to do this am just not quite sure of what is it, i remember reading something about kara canceling another fast normal altho i might be totally off.

And since am here to no only take but give, through my “serious” c.viper training i found that the seismo chain was the hardnest to achieve. Hp tk feign was pretty easy, only after 15 - 20 minute you start to get the idea. So to new players out there hes what i suggest, first learn the HP tk feign once you got a couple of those in a row start doing her BK sjc, once you have this down almost perfectly heres the worst part, the seismo chain, i took me about two days to actually understand what i needed to do. Start out by doing a seismo and then try to sjc bk out of it. Only then (imo) can you understand how the chain works. I’ve read here and there that the sjc cancels cannot be “rushed into” and i found it quite vague to be honest. So here it is, you cannot start the motion for your sjc seismo before the first one as yet to hit its cancelable frames and that means you can do it as fast as you want as soon that its cancelable frames hit.

Hope this actually helped out anyone and i’d be very please by any tips anyone gives out. I’ve been practicing for about 3 days now and i haven’t even tried online yet. Not until i get everything down to 80% on each sides :slight_smile:


Look into the Hitbox, since it’s basically a keyboard. The movement is done by buttons and not joystick.

normals that can be “canceled” into others like jab-jab or short-short, short-jab, etc. are called chains. Usually you can’t go into special moves from a chained normal. When you link normals, you actually have to time them correctly, and then you can then cancel them into special moves or supers.

the game runs on 60 frames per second, so yeah a frame is 1/60 = .01667-seconds. Viper’s bnb, is actually st. short into cr. strong, and it’s a two frame link. st. short on hit is +6, and cr. strong starts up in 5 frames. cr. fierce takes 8 frames to start up.

The only ways to go into cr. fierce for a full combo, at least that I can think of right now: are various jump-ins, counter-hit standing or cr. strong. And of course stun, and the crumples from ex tk and lvl 2/3 focus attacks. You definitely can’t go from a short into cr. fierce…

Also, for everyone, check out subzero’s thread, the guide to just about everything if you haven’t already.