Viper tips? D;

I’ve printed out all of Kunai’s guides, but I’d like more tips.

I love her moves, I love her attitude and her character over all… but I’m a really defensive player. I panic when people become offensive and I end up not being able to do shit. Not to mention I only played A3 for a little bit and I’ve forgotten everything I learned, so I guess I’m a SF scrub but I love the series.

Can Viper be played atleast semi-defensive? I’m guessing not so much since she has a lower defense rating than other characters, but I surely don’t want to give up on her.

Any tips on how I can break out of being so defensive?

I suppose it’s possible. The fact that she can super-jump gives her the ability to run away from certain situations. Doing tiger-kneed Burning Kicks so you are flying away from the opponent creates a lot of space for you and sometimes the opponent will get impatient and try to follow. That’s when her Seismo game comes in handy.

She can also escape corner traps by super-jumping forward and doing EX Burning Kick at the peak of the jump at the right opportunity.

As I said before, sometimes her defense is set up by her offense. You can use her feints to freeze the opponent and run away afterwards, or you can entice them to jump and punish afterwards. Use her ability to High-Jump Cancel to run away and jump backwards to reset, either after hitting with normals or with Seismos.

Sometimes I am forced to play really defensively against certain characters like Zangief, Honda, Blanka, Claw, and Boxer, so it’s actually a necessity to learn how to play defensively. However, it’s good to have that balance and know when is a good time to play aggressive. Mixing it up gives Viper the best chance to win IMO.

The only characters that you can’t play defensively against is maybe Ryu and Sagat, because their fireball traps will eat you alive if you try running away. However, it’s a tough call because for both characters, all they need is to pop you up with srk to deal huge damage to you, especially when they have Ultra stocked. If anyone had success fighting them very defensively, I wish I knew how they did it… but I think it’s actually near impossible.

Anyways, I think it’s possible to be a defensive Viper. Just as long as you can punish people when they make mistakes, you’ll be fine.

I am no expert of Viper but I am getting better. I am learning her to be my main. But I play a defensive viper sorta speak for now. I only play defensive for now since I suck at her offensively.

I use Medium TK to punish any slow attack and low MK to Medium TK for long range defense. (low MK/Jumping MK has decent range)The hammer can offer good defensive if timed properly. Obviously TK cancel, seismic cancel, and High TK(for aerial opponents) are great for defensive tools.

But even I think, for the most part that her moves were built for offensive though. taking the offensive and cross-ups seems to be the most effective way to use her.

When ppl push you at the pressure point(apply alot of pressure on you), You could try the obvious Heavy TK(aerial, Ex Seismic(semi risk, may sure they not in air on impact/hit frame of move), or a Ex Flaming Kick/Flaming Kick(high risk here). Also the super jump to FK can get you out of some situations. Hope that helps.

You guys are awesome lol.

Especially you, Kunai. Your guides have already helped me out a bunch. I took a break from fighting games for about a year so SF is my first fighting game in a long time and I think I’m fairing pretty well for taking such a long break.

Let me know when you’re free to do matches. Like I said, JST is perfect for my schedule.

It’s also worth stating that if you play too defensively with her, her feint game becomes a liability, especially within jump range. There’s enough recovery on her feints with the exception of fierce tk feint to set you up for some fat damage Especially with random jumping opponents. Most of the players that her feint game works on are players familiar with the matchup.

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