Viper Ultra



Am I correct in deducing that you can Atomic Suplex Viper out of her Ultra on reaction? I’ve done this in training and it works so well in vs. CPU matches that the only way I ever get Ultra’d is if she catches me way up in the air. It’s pretty cool…the Ultra smoke goes up, but instead of Gief getting kicked and burned he comes out smashing Viper.

Viper fights are really rare in the G2 PC brackets, so I haven’t had many chances to try this against a Live opponent. Which, of course, is the real test. :wgrin:

Anybody else done this?


If you just block, you can ultra when she comes down, or lvl 3 focus attack > Fierce SPD.


Dude stinky you arnt sure how to deal with a ryu cross-up and you have the gall to talk shit to ultra David.

First good ryu don’t cross u up. In fact no one good crosses up gief. Crouching ppp lariet beat all cross ups from everyone.


1.Its not a risk. Viper is in ultra, and you grab her out of it. There is literally NOTHING viper can do against it. Its the same as grabbing boxer out of his ultra or bison out of his psycho crusher. The difference being you can start inputting the 360 during the freezeframe on vipers ultra making it pretty damned easy. Its only a risk if your execution is just AWFUL and your worried about borking the input.
2.PPP from crouching will destroy just about every crossup ever (there are exceptions but not too many). IF a ryu is trying crossups on you he should be eating a crouching lariat everytime. Sometimes it will trade, at which point you confirm to ex greenhand.


You can’t cross up Gief with Ryu, unless its on wakeup, because he has the best AA in the game. But, in a wakeup/crossup scenario you should just block, OS Tech Grab… But I doubt you know what that is. lol

If you mash SPD and they neutral jump after the cross up then you eat a full combo or even an Ultra. Don’t mash SPD as a reversal because good players will laugh at you.


I think all the good players are already laughing at stinky…


Unless you’re fighting a really good Viper, chances are she’ll have Ultra WAY before you…:smile: