vipers mixups

Ive been searching the forums and there doesnt seem to be the best mixups available. i know there is some mixups in the viper guides but this thread is completely devoted to mixups. although you can win without mixups by just reading your opponent. good solid mixups can make the job a lot easier. ok state good mixups, try not to keep it extremely basic with things like cr. mp, mp tk, cr mp, feint, overhead give good mixups and try to state the set up if you can, like from a dash, jump in, etc. i’ll start, i use cr hp, ex seismo, meterless fadc, cr. hp. hp feint, low trajectory cross up burn kick. i set it up as either a counter poke of jump in. there now you turn.

What is the timing for fadc. I see no good info for it, just see suggestions, no real data on it. I read some info on shortcuts, but the shortcuts work half the time cause the timing and nitty gritty of the move is not explained.

Hmm, yeah… I don’t really know where to start. I mean, if I land a solid hit, i usually just end up going for the full combo, since most of viper’s combos end with a knockdown and do amazing damage. However, there are times when you would want resets, like when they are close to stun, or after they got stunned from a long combo. So, I guess the best thing to do would be to list a few of her options after her different knockdowns, blocked attacks, and some nice reset setups.

But if i did that, i would end up writing a novel… so… idk man

Vipers mixups are mostly just cross up vs non cross up whether it’s bks or just jump-ins, her jump-ins from her throws are really ambiguous & throw in some empty jump lows/throws and there you go.

Block string, feint, dash up instant bk is serious grab bait especially in the corner but also works as a frame trap since you’ll be on frame advantage if the bk is blocked. What I use most though which I think is kinda cheap is J.RH, ST.LK, non cross up/cross up bk, nobody ever blocks this lol.

Everything Viper does is a mixup so setups don’t really matter since you can run any mixup at anytime, use your imagination and do whatever the hell you want(not really). She has to many options to write out all her mixups which as DarkAdmiral said we’d have a Novel on our hands.

from a recent interview that i saw [Winter Brawl 6 if i’m not mistaken], FlashMetroid says he already has a “C.Viper Bible” for almost everything on the character. that would be an awesome read but he mentioned that it’s for his own personal use only so that kinda sucks. the man doesn’t believe in sharing all his strats i guess. i’m only mentioning this because there was an Ibuki strategy guide available for free by Izuna in the Ibuki forums that was updated a while back and imo, it was really well made. excellent insight on how to play as and against Ibuki plus tons of info rolled into a neat PDF format. i’m not advertising, as i only got the guide so that i can get an idea about the character. wish Wolfkrone, RZR|Latif or FlashMetroid would bust out something like that.


There was a lot of arguing back in the day about sharing info and what not especially with Flash but he did share some info to be fair. I also have a Viper “Bible” (although unorganized) as do many other people but that doesn’t mean they/I have to share it. Me personally I don’t want to share mine cause I’v been gathering info since vanilla and to hand it out to everyone its like ‘oh you don’t have to work hard and figure stuff out just read my notes :tup:’ which pisses me off honestly, don’t get me wrong though I don’t mind helping others out but I’m not gonna hand feed you everything.

And I used to think that only Nigerians and Africans have that mentality.hahahhaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

i think you meant “spoon feeding” somebody everything. anyway, my point was for a pro player to at least **share **their insights, like their motivations on how they incorporate C. Viper’s tools into their mixups while not necessarily giving away their skills. arguably, C. Viper is so execution-heavy that some players are under the impression that being able to do multiple TK feints, jumping about doing BK’s and shit equate to advanced play when in reality, it requires a lot of skill to pull of consistently especially in a high level matchplay environment.

pretty broad statement here, considering OP wanted to focus on 50/50’s. also, i’ve seen multiple threads here asking for sparring partners and whatnot so it’s kinda funny when players see Wolfkrone or RZR|Latif doing amazing mixups that they wish they could but the thing is, one can only speculate so much as to what goes on in their heads as they whittle down their opponents’ life meter. different players have varying aptitudes on how a specific tool set can be used and that’s where a pro’s ability to dissect the character comes in and makes a big difference when you want to understand **why / the goal **a specific mixup is done the way it is. i would suggest a b’n’b of sorts mixup list leaning towards execution requirements/ease of use and damage output instead of making it too situation-specific. time to hit the lab first…


Yeah that’s what I meant, Showing someone how to use all her tools so that they can understand how to figure stuff out for themselves I don’t mind doing but when people just want to know how to do something without understanding why it works annoys me and is a waste of my time cause they don’t really want to learn the character.

I put (not really) after that statement as an attempt to show sarcasm but my apologies if it didn’t come across as such. I said that cause people think Viper has guaranteed mixups all day in Tk feints & Bks when their are tons of ways to stop them, This goes back to people wanting to do things without understanding why the setup/mixup X person did worked. Basic example is when I first started playing sf4 I would laugh every time someone got hit by a non-crossup Bk as thought ‘haha that scrub that wasn’t even a crossup’ at the time I didnt realize the mixup & why the hell this person was getting hit by non-crossup Bks all day, anyway point is mixups work when you know what the other person is thinking you can’t just run them cause you saw X person do it there is more to it.

I don’t want to ramble on but I think we have the same mentality on the subject so I’ll just leave it at that.