Vipers of PSN


I think most of us would benefit from mirror matches to see how Viper is played by different players. There is a considerable lack of C.Viper in online matches, so I’m the only measure of myself, which isn’t too thrilling.

So, who’s up to it?

I’m game. I’ve played a total of 2 Viper players online. Neither of them were that amazing. The funny thing is that the second one was a guy I played previously. He beat me as Rose, then when we played again he picked Viper. He didn’t get a round on me. I still don’t know why he didn’t pick Rose again, it was a ranked match…

It’d be nice to play against some decent Viper players. I won’t be back online until probably Sunday, but go ahead and add me.

The problem I’ve had with Viper is that she seems to be a very “precise” character, meaning her moves, such as her various SJC take precise movement and timing. With the poor sf4 lag I’ve experienced, it’s hard to be good with her. She is more suited for LAN play IMHO.

Lag can be a serious issue if you’re looking for visual cues when connecting your combos or doing feints. But if you can land the combos and practice your timing enough, most of the time you’re still in good shape.

The only two things I can’t consistently do online are combo into ultra and do her c.HP xx HP TK feint, c.HP xx MP TK combo. The latter I’ve connected against people online twice. The only time I connect with ultra is if I do it randomly. My timing for connecting an ultra off of a corner combo or a ground Burning Kick has always been slightly off due to lag, and the time in which you need to throw out the ultra is precise. Never mind that it’s horribly, horribly unsafe if you miss.

It’s kind of a shame, but sometimes there are things playing as Viper that you just might not be able to do online. I’m trying to overcome the threshold, but it’s difficult. Viper does require a lot more precision than somebody like Ryu or Sagat.

psn:slycvhias90 add me
i’ll be on all night tonight!

I play as Viper as well. DEXTER964


I believe this merits its own thread. I like to run Viper mirrors all day. If yall got what it takes, challenge me. Norcal, my PSN is in my profile. :tup:

I’m on PSN: hydro_jm.

I won’t play viper on less than three bars in a ranked/player match. Too hard on less bars than that to get anything out with consistency. three bars at least allows you to play a standard game with feint mix-upx/ seismo sjc seismo etc, and four bars is gravy :wink:

I played someone last night named tenchikun or something… He was kinda good. I wonder if he’s here… Head the challenges completed which is more than I can say for me… haha.

Anyways Im on PSN I’ll play anyone on WC as long as we get three bars. I need more experience in this match anyway since its sooo weird.

i play viper and rose on PSN: NocturnalDragon

Feel free to hit me up for games as well.

GG’s to Gamegeezer, or more accurately, thanks for the azz whoopins :tup:

I’m in Htown but the lag was barely noticeable for those of you in Cali.

I play Viper almost exclusively now, yet I still have a lot to learn.

Add me for Mirrors!


I’m a viper main as well. I actually played against my first viper last night. It would be great to meet some more and compare.

psn id: Hitage

Looks like this thread turned out to be a good idea after all. I’ll add ya’ll in a bit.

Mortal Lock, looks like we couldn’t get that match going. I guess that goes to show that Capcom needs to implement a private lobby feature (if there isn’t already?).

I’m also a viper main. I’m not doing ranked matches until I’m ready (haha) but we can spar any time ya like. :slight_smile:

Yeah good call on the thread HKnight.

After about 40 matches with Geezer, I feel Vip v Vip is a very strange matchup, like FMR said. It took me a good 30 matches to feel like I could threaten her, and the combo damage she does to herself is :wtf::amazed::looney:

Add me if you want, granted I’m rarely online on PSN since I play offline for the most part.

PSN: TheAngery1

Hey all, first post here but yea for a while I thought I was the ONLY viper on PSN I have yet to play a mirror. I’m Carbini if anyone wants to add me. I do agree though lag kills my matches, specialy with a timing-based character. Double seismos get sketchy sometimes.

But yea add me and we’ll play some viper

  • Carbini

I hardly see Vipers on PSN, add me as well, I’d like to practice the mirror match, as long as the lag is good.
PSN: refrain87

I think i’ve played you NocturnalDragon, but I dont think you were using viper though! Or i tried to join one of your games but i get the dumb ‘game is full’ message =(

I main viper but not that good yet =[ I’ve played a couple others online but they didn’t do so well as viper im SoCal so just add me I love to spar to learn new things.