Vipers of Xboxlive



post your names here so when people see us they can be afraid of the viper!

vegta12 is my name on xboxlive


NinjaCW is my GT. . .I’m also using Rose though as I up the level of my Viper


patmonsta n cal



I currently main vega and also play cammy and abel while I secretly work on my viper lol.

I vowed before the game came out that she would be my main, just don’t want to completely unleash her until shes ready :).



Viper is the only one I really use seriously.


Most of the XBox Live players have posted in the Viper Mentor Thread. You might want to check there.


Haha. Dude, I played you about a week ago and you sent me a message about how my Viper was awesome. I’m Conan124 btw.

Long time reader here, but I specifically registered today just to say what’s up. :slight_smile:


blk_brotha’s tha name and C. Snip’em’s the game xx707rudeboyxx hot’n when you hear that boi unless i’m bee-bop’n.

Rufless, is my main cuz round’ here? we do the towne stomps like Mario 3 battle.


I use Viper the most.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

But I use Rose and Ryu too…


PinoyApostle is my gt. ive played only one other viper here on the forums i believe. would love to play others. anyone is welcome to send me a friend request if they wanna get in some matches


Holy shit man i remember you. send my GT a friend request and we’ll spar more


Might as well post here, even though my Viper is trash. Coincidentally, I think I’m the third guy in this thread who also uses Rose, lol.


Yeah, I remember playing with you. I can’t remember which of us won, though. I think you might have. Either way, I remember it being a good game.

Bmckay is the name. I JUST started playing with other characters. Rufus is my fresh alt.



Ya’ll know. My friends list is always full tho.




c viper player here too.

GT is killerstrykr. just started my own GT but i used to play with my brother’s which is killingyoshi. u should see one or the other.


Dj we gotta get some matches. Like those old school P-K groove duels. :rofl:


I’m convinced you went on vacation or something right after I added you to my Friend list because I haven’t run into you yet. Someone might think you were avoiding me…

… yeah. I didn’t believe that either. :rolleyes:


I actually tried learning her for a bit but I really don’t like the way they made her look like she’s wearing a diaper. I know it’s shallow but that really affects my gameplay :lol: “Diaper Viper”

She does have some awesome looking moves, I just wish they put a little more effort on her like how awesome Cammy looks.


Husarz 12 up in NoCal