Virgin Gaming & online competition for lag still an issue?

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It is starting to offer more and titles. I’m thinking of trying it out if they get some fighting games up for competitive play. However, do you think the lag would be too risky, even a split second? I’d play friends and friendly games for sure. But, what about tournaments? What do you guys think?

Furthermore, what games would you think would best be suited for something like this?

Nah man, training online is the best way.

Bot post? You be the judge.

Training Online is the best way to go?
So you think online gaming is a good thing?

Newegg did a tourney and I didn’t hear any complaints. Training offline is good for fighting games because of lag,but you can use online for match up experience.

No its not. I was being sarcastic. I do think online gaming is good. But I decided that like 10 years ago or so.

I heard some fighting fans are so hardcore that even split second lag would discourage them from doing tourneys.

What games would you be most excited about playing online for money?

Most hardcore players will not mind a little lag. They think it makes it more of a challenge. They love that stuff man! I would be most excited to play Shaq Fu online for money. The game is so deep and it looks beautiful. Another one that would be great is Power Rangers Fighting Edition. That game is also very deep and the balance is amazing.

Seriously. What current gen games would you be willing to play tourneys in.

Nitro. Do Tekken 6,Blazblue CS,HDR(those last two have great netcodes),and SSF4. You might have to make the tekken 6 and SSF4 online tourneys regional like a East coast one and a West coast one.

I play mvc2 on Live a lot, I can safely say that the net code is really, really good. - HDR is also really good.

after seeing how they approached with the GodsGarden tourney I think there’s valid opportunities for online tourneys on a larger scale. There have also been many KoF ones run on GGPO as well. Sadly you’ll never get the “die-hards” online, but that doesn’t mean other ppl cant enjoy online tourneys.

I think the key is good moderation.