Virginia REVIVAL NIGHT @ C3 3/28/2009


Okay everyone lets get this going right in MD/VA…monthlys are back…and we will try very hard to bring the Friday night lock-ins back!

Also we will be expanding into doing PC game tourneys soon enough!

Games such as…COD4/Left for dead/Counter Strike/WC Dota???

Def some Kapital members will be present!

We will keep you updated!

March Revival Night @ C3******** 3/28/09

C3 Cyber Club
44710 Cape Court #118
Ashburn, VA 20147

(703) 729-0985

$10 Venue Fee
$10 each tournament



Street Fighter 4 3v3 Team Tourney (Xbox 360 and Ps3)
Street Fighter 3 2v2 Third Strike (ps2)

$10 per player


Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix (Xbox 360 and PS3)
Tatsunoko Vs Capcom (Wii)
Guilty Gear Accent Core (Ps2)
SSBB (Wii)
SC4 (Xbox)
3s (ps2)

Tournament Rules
-Prizes 60/30/10% of entry fees of the respective tournament
-Each tournament will be double elimination (you must lose 2 matches to be eliminated)
-Standard matches will be 2 out of 3 games
-Winners/Losers/Grand Finals 3 out 5 games
-Button mapping is ok, programmable pads are banned
-during a match, winner of a game, keeps character/team, loser may switch characters
-You are responsible for your own controller when your match comes up
-game freezing glitches are banned
-game pausing will be dealt with on a per-instance basis. generally, person who pauses loses, but it’s up to the proctor/judge

-(hdremix) default settings (speed/etc), all characters are allowed
-(3s) no gill
-(tvc) fire stage is banned
-(tvc) all characters are allowed, however glitches involving both players unable to attack one another are banned (similar to the gambit flyout glitch in mvc2)
-(sf4/3s) for teams same characters are not allowed
-(sc4) default settings (damage, time, etc)
-(sc4) no bonus or custom characters allowed
-(sc4) random stage select only
-(sc4) camera altering glitches banned
-(sc4) algol and yoda are banned


Whole lotta "I"s in that… You doing this by yourself?



i know im not the only one thats gonna be saying/thinking this. but, 20 fucking dollars for the venue now. gtfo. even if i wasn’t broke thats still too damn much for an 8-10 hour tourney. i personally will not pay anything over $10 for this place for one day. have fun with these guys. ill see at the majors.


20$ venue fee for one day? seriously? :confused:

oh just btw, you listed rules for sc4 yet it is not listed as one of the games.


$20 for a 1 day c3 event?? hahahahahahahahaha


I didn’t even notice the $20 fee…


It explains all the I’s at least


Sorry it is what David gave me to work with…I talked to him to change it to $10…thanks for understanding!

And teams will be set teams…not random!

And welcome to all the new players coming out, oh and thanks for supporting Sinsation!



Already hit up the man with the plan, we got some surprises for those competitive players!! Don’t miss this one, bring your SF4 game cuz I already heard what’s in the works for this one, HYPE.


i dont know if i’ll be there that month because i might be goin to final round, but i’ll see if i can make it to this one.


just because of how close it is i’ll probably take this over FR12. Just need to make sure I’m not bad so I can find a team :sweat:


Definitely more accessible than Final Round!


Hey Exist, will there be a singles for SF4 in the works?


decisions decisions… FR or C3 T_T


GS, $20 is too much for one day.

whats happening with the lockin?

See yall



Changes made…thanks Havoc and Robin for the suggestions!

Teams is going to be sick…

And for April we will def be doing Sthd teams…and Sf4 singles!

Rumor is Erick/Havoc/Robin are a team…damn guys…why so serious!


Guh… same date as Lucky’s.


change the payouts… i think you meant 60/30/10???

and if its sthd, their team aint shit


looking for a team. can i be special and have a balrog/balrog/balrog team?


il BE there.:tup: im so hyped,two tourneys in a MONTH! FRXII and C3,local and a major,but i will DEFINATELY make this.yo exist,lemme know if you need any extra TVs,ill bring cvs2 as wel if were running that.anything to help.just make sure you got me on that ride to FR,son.:rofl:
oh and guys?lets NOT make hotdogs outside again.Just sayin.:coffee:

i cant wait for SF4!!! CHEEEEEEEEEEEF!:looney: