Virginia Tech results


First the results.

** Guilty Gear XX **
1st: Drew L “Walchuk” (Dizzy, Johnny, Eddie, I-No, Sol, Chipp, Millia)
2nd: Donnie M “Iceman” (Eddie)
3rd: Michael C “Masaka” (Bridget, Baiken, Jam)
4th: John R “Fireballtrap” (Zappa, Testament)
5th: Jarrod P “El_Kabong” (May, Axl)
5th: Jody (Potemkin, Ky)
7th: Eric L “Shinshay” (Ky, Johnny)
7th: Shaun (Sol, Chipp)

** Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike **
1st: Eric L “Shinshay” (Chun-Li, Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Yun)
2nd: Michael C “Masaka” (Ken, Yang, Makoto!)
3rd: John R “Fireballtrap” (Remy, Ryu)
4th: Drew L “Walchuk” (Chun-Li, Ken)
5th: Alpha “Kejadlen” (Yun)

** Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo **
1st: Michael C “Masaka” (surprise, surprise :rolleyes: ) (Cammy, Fei Long, Old Sagat, Bison)
2nd: Eric L “Shinshay” (Old Ryu)
3rd: Donnie M “Iceman” (Bison, Balrog, Dhalsim, Old Bison, Old Blanka, Old T.Hawk)
4th: John R “Fireballtrap” (Guile, Chun-Li, Honda, Random select)
4th: Drew L “Walchuk” (Vega, Old Balrog, NEW Sagat, Old Guile)

** Tekken 4 **
1st: Chau “novice” (Jin)
2nd: Jarrod P “El_Kabong” (Xiaoyu, Paul, Jin)
3rd: Brandon I “Thaokath” (Jin)
4th: Shaun (Kaz, Steve)
5th: Donnie M “Iceman” (Nina, Lee, Paul)
5th: Daniel M “Natural Disaster” (Jin)
7th: Nick N (Paul)
7th: Chris R “Basic Eternal” (Lee)
9th: Patrician (Heihachi)

** Virtua Fighter 4 **
1st: Patrician (Lau)
2nd: Nick N (Akira)
3rd: Donnie M “Iceman” (Kage, Sarah, Jeffry)

** Dead or Alive 3 **
1st: Nick N (Hayabusa, Ein)
2nd: Casey Donegan “Wyntersblase” (Leon, Tina, Bass)
3rd: Tom J “TJJones” (Kasumi, Hayabusa)
3rd: Josh J “Furymaster” (Bayman…)
5th: William (Kasumi, Hayabusa)

** Super Smash Bros Melee **
1st: Anthony R “BigPoppy8” (Dr. Mario, Capt. Falcon)
2nd: Joseph S “JMDSBlah” (Kirby, Mewtwo)
3rd: Richard B (Samus)
4th: Alpha “Kejadlen” (Sheik)
5th: Dustin A “Bobzjacksaw” (Kirby, Marth)
5th: Darren S “Polishpwrhaus” (Sheik, Fox)
7th: Ben H “FantasyboyVT02” (Falco)
7th: Peter M “PeglegPM” (Sheik)
9th: Jeremy O “The Kecherrye” (Capt. Falcon)
9th: Matt D (Capt. Falcon)
9th: Donnie M “Iceman” (Sheik, Marth, Falco)

Thanks to everyone who came. For my first time running a tourney, I think it went well. My random shout outs…

WV Crew (Daniel and Brandon): A very strong and unexpected showing. Glad you guys can make it.

Jarrod: Damn! Way to step up your game in crunch time.

Patrician: Luck was not on your side today. I’m sure you’ll come back much stronger than before.

Virginia Beach players: Glad the two of you could make it. Sorry you couldn’t stay until GGXX

Drew: Glad you could come down and school me in GGXX :smiley: Hopefully I can learn much from your Eddie, and that rape tape you left here :lol:

Mike: Thanks for the help in setting up, organization, and ST play :stuck_out_tongue:

John: Just another chapter to our tournament history/rivalry.

Eric: Awesome Ryu in ST. Dhalsim’s supposed to win that fight…well, I thought he was…Glad you could make the trip.

Shaun: Nice showing in T4, despite having to start from the loser’s bracket. A good match of GGXX as well.

Jody: Wow, Potemkin was impressive!

Ian and Denny: You two are punks!!! I realize my Magneto moves faster than the eye can see, but that’s no reason to not have a Marvel tournament :wink:

Tom: Thanks for all the help running the show. Think you’d like to try this next year :wink:

Melee players: Damn, the largest turnout of the day. You guys showed me I really friggin’ suck at this game :lol:


Donnie thanks for running a wonderful tournament. I really appreciate the fact that you waited for us and I apologize for the fact that we made everything run behind schedule. You have a viscous eddie.

John has a nasty zappa. I didnt know that he had that corner combo. I will practice for that game a lot more now.

Ummm, I was hoping to get in on the T4 action. Looks like there was some nice comp in that, but next time I know my boy Shaun will take the gold :D. Congrats to Chau for the win.

Mike what can I say. I must have played you a gazzillion times in tournament play, but its always a pleasure playing you. Oh and I knew I shouldn’t have thrown that fireball :lol: .

Drew is too damn good in GGXX and I think that I am going to move to VA to learn more, jk.

Anyway thanks again.


Ahh well, I all kinds of scrubbed out at Tekken 4 :p, I guess I’m more out of practice than I thought. I still had a great time even though I had to leave early. I would have loved to have stayed and watched some of that GGXX action. With any luck, I’ll have a car up here at Radford next year and I can pop over every now and then to play with some of you guys on the weekends.

How’d the videos turn out? Are you all going to be able to get them posted any time in the near future? I’d love to take a look at the GGXX and the final Tekken 4 matches.

I hope you all can organize more of these next year, and give me an incentive to waste my time practicing over the summer. I had a great time.


I have got a whole lot to learn in Guilty Gear XX.

Good showing everybody, hopefully we can do this again sometime!


sorry that I missed it, had more pressing issues up here.

what’s up with 5 people for ST…not acceptable.


They were all scared away by Old Balrog and New Sagat, sorry :(.


Yeah, what’s up with the videos? At least show all of the final-matches.