Virginia Tech/Roanoke Thread

OK, I know you fools are out there somewhere. Get posting! Donnie, Rothgeb, Faz, Ian, front and center.

We’re trying to get another get together going, what are people’s schedules looking like for the next few days?

VT people where you at?

im a friend of johns, and im up for some competition soon, and i can host something in my new house when we move in but until then im up for traveling to VT for some comp, hell i might even bring john:p

Excellent. Are weekends best for you guys because of the drive?

I’ve got a good amount of space in my apartment finally, now that I have new furniture and one less arcade cabinet, so I can host some stuff at my place. If we get enough people, we can probably score some room at VT.

What’s everybody playing? ST and GGXX are about all I play, but I’ll play CVS2 if somebody holds a gun to my head, and I have a marginal interest in 3S.

ive been to donnies a couple of times and i was up there for one of the big tournaments he threw, but i might have met you i dont know, and im up for ggxx,a3,vf4 and pretty much anything else, but i=scrub so dont expect muchi can barely beat john in vf4, but thats about it

i can do weekends, and weekdays so anytime u want some comp im up for it


You can’t. And before you come back with, “OMFG!!! But I can…!!!1!!”, remember that this is Roanoke, and we settle things here with insane wagers. So don’t start anything unless you want to put atleast 50 dollars on it…kthxbye.

Mike: It’s Rothgeb*. LOL. Anyways, I’m clear this weekend, if you guys are doing anything. I really want to play soon.

Whatever. I’ll just call you JR from now on. WHO SHOT JR?! Oh wait…that’s for old people :frowning:

I’m certainly up for playing this weekend. I think Jarrod is probably free, even if Donnie has to work. I have some work I have to do from home, but nothing too substantial. Have you been able to play much #R?

Any preferred games outside of XX/#R? I might even play some CVS2 or 3S if I can get my other goblin back from Donnie. And of course, there’s ST.

VA_King: I may have met you before, I don’t know, the memory gets fuzzy with age. Come on down anyway. You just have to pass the balcony test :smiley:

How is early Sunday afternoon for people?

jyea we probably have met, and if the balcony test includes drinking then i might pass… but other than that im ok for sunday

John: i can take us there… *johns response: damn straight you will

i know i called that

How about we play for 40 dollars in a set of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m definatly going to be at Mike’s after 8, playing my Eddie and my Bison.

lol after john did that to my friend he bitched for weeks

let me know when you guys play

i might be able to go to mikes later sunday cause now i have to help move, since its the “big move” as my dad calls it so just let me know when ur holding it

Good stuff this weekend guys. John, get a stick that works man. The Slayer looked good, but I still didn’t see enough wake up invincibites :smiley:

It’s too bad the Korean version doesn’t have an option to keep the original voices. Those voices they used were totally whack.

When do you guys want to play again? Maybe play a little 3S? I might even consider playing some CvS2 or something.

Oh, and robo-ky is still gay.

I could play 3s :smiley: But I ask no CvS2. Hot Bison vs. Hibiki matches don’t do it for me anymore :lame:

You sir have no taste.

speaking of robo-ky on #R, john said he was hard to play, is that true? cause he looks like he would be a fun character to fuck with people

Yes. He’s impossibly hard to use. In fact I would heartily recommend not ever picking him due to the sheer difficutly involved in making him effective!

And I assure you, there is no bias at all in this post. None whatsoever. I certainly don’t think he’s a gimmicky, lame character, and am not doing everything in my power to prevent him from being selected.

I’m actually in town again this weekend (2 in a row!), so if you guys want to get together, pick a day and lets roll with it. My week is more or less spoken for because of work unfortunately.

i should have my house by myself this weekend cause my dad said im going to have it to myself until i graduate so yeah, im sure we can do it on sunday, i just have to make sure im not moving anything


Robo-Ky is fun. I like him. He is a little hard to play, but not that bad. Zappa is hard to play…

And i could maybe play some Sunday…maybe.

Chris may be down this weekend for a visit, which means, if you guys wanted to play friday night or saturday, we could get some ST in.

Faz, where you at?

Word. Nothing like having my shitty Bison rushed down by a fat Japanese sumo.

i should be free this weekend. Let me know. Ill try to convince faz. You gonna hook up st into the cabinet if we play it, right?

Whats sad is that id rather play cvs2 than 3s. The lesser of the 2 evils