Virginia: Tri Cities (Petersburg, Prince George, Hopewell area)

What up!!

I always wanted to do this make a thread specifically for my spot in VA. Got some comp down here in the Tri cities finally, Richmond got theirs, NoVA got theirs, and the VA Beach area got theirs.
Now it’s our turn.

Our army is slowly building up, I got 1 person finally here on SRK cuz he just got his internet working.

We play GGXX#R, KoF (any KoF), 3rd Strike, Tekken 5, MvC2, and many other fighters via my laptop emulators.

I got BeatFace22 fka Captain Justice.

Aight dude, gotta get 2 certain other people on.

Yep its bout time the Petersburg/Prince George Area got 1 lol
well hate 2 say it guys but yall got comp now…so get ready

Lol we got Kof 11…Sadly the last boss is gay
Soon imma try to start up some combo videos for that game so get ready

If you have transportation, we have a Tournament in Washington DC THIS SATURDAY for games T5, SC3, 3rd S, GG#R, and MVC2

Wait…you guys got KoF 11…meaning there is an arcade in Petersburg that is worth a damn? With new 2d fighters? Fuck man…if this is legit…i’ll be there on Saturday night.:confused:

(-_-).!. I gets no props… I have no friends. Beatface ain’t the only mofo who plays ya know…? You forget who has him sweetin’ bullets everytime we play. <.< No mercy for the heretic. :arazz:

Welcome to SRK Brandon (?) Relax dude, you were one of the 2 guys i referring to in my first post. Next time I’m over there, I’ma hook y’all up with some avatars.

Acutally it’s not really in Petersburg, but the town right next to it called “Colonial Heights”

Yeah dawg we got KoFXI, no bullshittin’ whatsoever. SvC Chaos got evicted to make room for this! :wgrin: We also got GGXX (regular GGXX sadly), MvC2 (sticks need improvement though) SC2 & Tekken 5. Now there’s one more thing: they need to get CvS1 out of there.

Beatface’s house and Southpark Mall Tilt are the two places we play at.

However there is a rumor about a new pool hall/arcade opening up in downtown Petersburg, I don’t know what’s up with that as of right now. Just so happens I kinda know the guy that wants to make that happen.

The chances are beyond slim we’ll make it up to that tourney. Hey good effort at that heads up though, seriously.

Jin, give me your number. I know we’re going to try and hit up the KoF XI machine Saturday, but if we have a reason, we may as well head even further north.

all depends what game we play fool

Lmao yeah all depends what we play…but Kof 11 sadly im a beast…and sadly again i got 13 wins already in that game (^_^) please please can i get some comp?

YOOOOoooo about 2 weeks imma throw a tourny down here in Va. So soon as i get the info n stuff you guys gotta let me know what games yall want 2 play b/c where gonna do some 4on4 team play and record some matches…but i know this for fact team ‘BeatFace’ will take GGxx…So please all outsiders not in the Va area Please Please Practice and bring your A game or B game lol…Once again let me know what games yall wanna play… .!.(-_-).!.

How long is the drive from roanoke to colonial heights? Also, how many people play GGXX at said arcade?

Umm i think 1hr 2hrs the most…alot of my peeps play ggx

Yeah i think a 1 or 2hr drive…yeah theres about 6-7 of us who play ggx non-stop so if wanna your welcome 2 join the Slam Jam!!!:rofl: :rofl: :wonder:

That sounds good, what time/day do you guys play? I guess I’ll have to start playing xx again, does Bridget have a starship frc in xx? I can’t remember…

Dude your talking a WHOLE lotta shit… got money to back it up?

You guys should really come up to this tourney if your so confident in taking #R. It’s only around an hour and half to a two hour drive, and traffic should be minimun since its not holiday weekend.

What time you looking to hit the arcade at Colonial Heights up?

I’ll be sure to ask Beatface (he works at the arcade on most Saturday nights) if he works tomorrow. If he has to, I’ll get back to y’all on what time he goes in.

Anyone coming from that way that’s 21 and over is invited to go clubbin’ in Richmond with us afterwards. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol i wish i could come but gotta work 5-11pm -_-

Mmmmm Money yeah we gots money with the shit 2 back it up lol…its ok we have extra shoulders 2 cry on…but on the Sad side i haveta close n shit 5-11pm we would love 2come and take your money (0_0)v but as soon as the whack ass holiday ends we’ll b up there So talk 2 you guys laters!!! P.s. Start Practice’n…Your Dust Loops <A’n’B Foundation group laughs>----we gonna give you guys 2 much comp!!!

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Ummm i go in at 5-pm 2 11pm So leave around 3-30pm

Yeah just so up so that we can have fun lol----but i close so we can battle till 11pm and then next time we can go 2 your area!

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Damn your arcade closes at 11? I miss good arcades so much.

It’s the Holidayz mayne. Otherwise 9PM, typical of your average mall arcade.

If anyone doesn’t know where the place is, just Mapquest Southpark Blvd in Colonial Heights, VA. It’s either Exit 53 or 54 off I-95 North/South. When you get to the mall, just look for the word “Regal Cinemas” and that’s the door you want to go in.

I’d suggest y’all leave like anywhere between 3-5 PM.

To the guys from Roanoke, y’all might recognize me from FusionGC earlier this year.