Virginia WaterParks Decent?

Sup guys, I’ll be driving to Virginia beach and water parks very soon. I was wondering if any of you that live or had been there could tell me where the best water parks are at. This would be my first time heading out there for the school break so I wanna make it worth it. I’ll probably stop by the beach as well but I heard from people that the beach is dirty as hell so I’ll keep that in mind. But for now, I just wanna go enjoy the water parks and walk around seeing as it’s my first time and all. Thanks. :tup:

I would guess the best one would be water country.

but there is also ocean breeze.

if your in the beach, ocean breeze is the most convenient.

We went to the water country. It was nice dude. Just got back on Thursday :).

One thing I noticed though, Virginia drivers are fucking assholes!! That’s all.