Virginian Needs Help

Hi my tag on here is FutureKing and so i am here to ask for help. You see i am in a very difficult position. I have played fighting games all my life. I have always thought that i could be the best out there. One year i went to B5 and it really opened my eyes as to the difference between casual players and Tournament players.

I should have dedicated my life to reaching that level and really playing my best. I didn’t. I did not have the means to do that, to keep up with all the changes and all the fast growing things like evo and such. When ever i would see a tournament on here or on some other fighting game site. I would get extremely mad because i would think to myself " dam i should be the champion there grrrr, i could do it" but i knew that i hadn’t practiced or played since B5.

Recently i bought the new street fighter 4. I had the chance to go to japan and play it before anyone else when it came out there. I was there playing it and it was great. I knew that it would be extremely big in America. So i had to train this time i had to do it and not miss my chance.

When the tournaments for gamestop came around yesterday for me. I had trained all week. I picked up the strategy guide on tuesday and on wednesday i got the game after i got off work and i played it all night with my little brother. then the next day I decided to work my butt off at it. I trained hard very hard and did everything according to the guide.

The day of the tournament came and i went i was called about it before it started and that they were holding a 1hour or more practice session. My instincts told me to go and to get used to the environment and any controllers that they were going to use. So what did i do? i didn’t go, i walked in at the time i was supposed to play and played and lost.

I eventually found out that i wasn’t the only one who trained hard and lost not because of any technical or real skill but because of the same reasons i lost my first match. They the others who lost were generally very good to play against.
So the reasons for my and others losses.


  1. Environment -aka the people talking about you behind you. This for most humans is a normal thing. Lets say that someone is behind you watching you work and they are talking about your performance. For most of us we have to pay attention even if what they are saying is bad or good we still have a natural need to pay attention. Now many people have friends that come over and or stay with them that talk in a similar way and those people are used to it. I however am not i have no friends to play with i am generally all alone.

  2. Unfamiliar Controls.
    This is a controller that you haven’t used before and you don’t know the way that it works. The tournament people at this gamestop told me that standard controls apply. So i trained at home with that setup to get used to it. However i had a standard xbox360 controller. Not a street fighter one that they had. I had no idea how it was set up or how my timing would be affected.

  3. Lack of proper mental prep.
    What i am talking about here is the time i could have taken to get used to the environment and the controls in order to allow my full skill to show. This was one of my biggest mistakes here. I thought “naw i don’t need to go early to practice, ill be giving away all my skill and showing them how i play. Besides i trained well enough i know the setup they are going to use.” Yeah right! little did i know that i would not know it at all and that this was my big mistake.

SO i am on here to ask to plead for HELP. I really want to become the best there is and i really need alot of help. I am willing to do it i want to do it i really need to do it. I have no where else to turn to but on here i have no one that will play and train with me. i live in williamsburg Va there is nothing i can do. Please will someone help me Please will someone with skill and patience and time please please please help a diamond in the rough like me out?

Thank you all for your time and for reading this. I apologize if i sound like a looser but all my life i have wanted to be the best all my life i want this so bad. Things have gotten in my way and now, more than ever now i need this help. I need this dream to come true and i can’t do it alone anymore. Again Thanks.

Come to the Virginia thread and post up where you’re located and you can come level up with us.

Before your dreams get crushed, you need to find out if you have it in you or not. You need to see if you have the mental power behind your gameplay and such, it all comes naturally with experience. All I’m saying is, don’t get disappointed when there are players better than you, because the area has an ass load of talent in it.

you should try the va forum…