Virial Tree

Did this all in Photoshop 7 with no references. My first abstract and my first time messing with custom brushes. Custom brushes are sweet. I feel OK about it.

Tell me what you guys think.

2 words : “shit hot”

Cool stuff. You’ll have to show me how to do that custom brush shiet. :stuck_out_tongue: Getting textures in photoshop is something I suck at.

hot shit… :pleased:
yeah dude u need to show us how to do that costume brushes thing, i really wanna know!!! omg please show us how :encore:

I thought you didn’t know anything about making custom brushes in ps? Looks good btw.

Heh heh, shit hot and hot shit. I wonder how those phrases ever became compliments. Thanks a lot though!

Here some really quick and easy tutorial on how to make custom brushes.

This is where I learned. Its really easy!

Gammon, we homies and everything but what in the hell is going on in this pic? I have a broad prespective when it comes to abstract so I cant say wether or not its awesome or wtf? Please dont take it the wrong way…

Well a little bit of the funk is going on with spatial forces pulling virial forces inward to a black egg. The viral forces resemble a tree so make whatever of that you will.

An event horizon maybe? I don’t know myself, I was just drawing.

No offense taken though.

you feel OK about the custom brushes or the painting. Show me some Maki tricks.

Both, I need to play you on XBL sometimes. I only know a handful of Maki tricks but they are pretty amusing. She’s a dirty bitch.

lmao!! :clap:

i only said “hot shit” because of mr. “shit hot” :pleased:

thx for the tutorials

edit: k tried out the custom brush thing, wasnt as hard as i thought, but not really as great as i though, the bush settings when i change them dont save…or i dont know how to save them… lol but heres what i did for fun :pleased:

Is that the way the custom brush looked when you used it or did you smudge it? If it did that’s very odd, try making weird shapes and combining them with others in dual brush for some cool brushes.

no i smudged it, i just didnt like the way the brush look it self so i smudged it, i tend to smudge everything i do for some reason… :pleased:

My thoughts on the smudge tool are that it should be used sparingly. It’s good for some effects like water and fire, but a lot of smudge takes away all your brush strokes and makes everything look like goo. Force yourself to learn to do mostly without it, and I guarantee better results in the end.

g a m m o n, that is so beautiful. I can’t really put into words how much i like it. But guess who got new wallpaper on his desktop?

In regards to the smudging - when i first began using PS, i almost used it religiously. But now i hardly ever use it. Instead varying the opacity is a great substitute.

Thanks! Yea, I would suggest keeping the use of smudge down to a minimum. Only use it in key areas which need blending, only after you have gradiated the colors yourself, with a brush.

k i’ll try to keep my smudging to a minimum :razzy:

its just that when i paint something in ps i dont like how the brush stroke looks, so i smudge the heck out if it :nunchuck:

:xeye: but i’ll try to use it moderatly on the next pic i do…whenever that is

woohoo! great stuff , u got the skill man