Virtua Education: How to step up your game

I whipped up a translation of Homestay Akira’s article on improving your game for the kids over at VFDC. Took me about a day and a half to do, although I have to admit that it was a bit frustrating because of the way it was written. Thank the heavens for online dictionaries! A lot of what Homestay writes will pretty much make you say “well, duh!”, but I think it’s good to go back to the basics sometimes.

My translation is here:
The original Japanese article is here:

Proficiency in Virtua Fighter is akin to climbing a set of stairs – taking it one step at a time – so like climbing a set of stairs, we’ll break this subject down piece by piece.

I talked to Homestay Akira about this subject. His strength comes not from his reaction nor from his ability to read his opponent, but from the fact that he had to climb more stairs than anyone else. A little bit hard to understand? It might be, so I thought it would be best for him to explain how to climb that proverbial staircase.

You can read the rest at VFDC!

Your first link takes you to a post in the thread, and not the translation itself.

This one is good:

this is awesome. thanks!

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