Virtua Fight Club - A new network created by me


Join today!

An alternative to SRK is needed, imo.

EDIT: This club is not about Virtua Fighter. It covers all active fighting games old and new.


good shit ray!

we need to get a good vf scene going.

it’s an under appreciated game.


Joined. Good shit, Ray.


This club represents all “Virtual” fighting games, not Virtua Fighter, heh.


Very nice. Signed up!


Is VFDC not a good enough alternative? I though it was pretty good when I was into VF…


The only similarity my club has with VFDC is having the name “Virtua”. Other than that, it’s different.


You might need a name change or a mission statement or something cause everybody is just gonna think it’s solely for VF.


yeah, maybe even just virtual instead of virtua.


Maybe. … . . … … orochi?


I’m on! That looks fantastic!


Page has been updated with NWM details.




If more people can join and post their EVO Photos and/or videos, that’d be great.

For those who already joined, thanks!

Spread the word, please!


I joined. I got a pretty loli looking default pic, but sure! :rofl:


The idea is to get ppl to find a new pic. That’s why i made that the default pic, hahahah.


Photos have been added to the site from “Ground Kontrol’s Free Play Wednesdays event”.


uploaded pics from Northwest Majors '08, and some pics from EVO this year.


I’d join, but I’m no good at virtua fighter

; )


He said like forty times that it is not VF based.