Virtua Fighter 3tb: worth it?

ive been looking into the older vf games since i liked vf4 evolution so much and im curious can anyone tell me if vf3tb is worth getting for dreamcast? money and means of getting it are no problem, im just curious is it a good port or is it garbage, and if so, are there any other alternative methods of getting it (like emulation or something) ? thanks in advance.

Its the only VF that has Taka Arashi(sumo guy) in it so I’d get it out of curiousity to see what he plays like.

Go for it.

I think it’s the most different of all the vf games… for on other reason than there’s an evade button.

If you really like Virtua Fighter in general I would recommend it. Some hardcore VF players prefer VF3 over the newer versions.

Gameplay wise it was not a perfect port from the Model 3 arcade board. Some combos that can be performed in arcade cannot be done int the DC version. Also there are some unique combos in the DC version which can’t be done in the arcade. This was trivial to most players; all the bread & butter combos work out fine.

Aesthetically it has the best looking stages out of the series for they all are different area wise and have slopes unlike the flat square arenas throughout the rest of the VF games.

Almost everyone prefers the music in VF3 over VF4.

I believe some Model 3 games can be emulated but VF3 has not been at this time as far as I know.

yeah thats why im interested shag cuz ive tried them all except 3 and i heard it is possibly the best in the series, im ust skeptical if id be playing the actual game or a crumby version of it.

It’s better than no VF3 at all. =x

My least favourite VF game, but still, go for it.

Might be fun for kicks, but good luck finding comp

I would still get. I look at it as an opportunity to see a very different VF that AM2 attempted at that time.

I do miss that. I feel like they really fit with the characters, not just setting wise. Taka with the sumo ring, Jeffry with his island. Shun’s stage was as drunk as he was with all the rafts constantly rocking. :looney:

Come to think of it, 3 had some pretty nice tracks.

One question though. Since the DC version is 3tb, were there any tweaks/changes between 3 and 3tb besides the added team battle?

From everyone I’ve heard from, VF3TB kicked major ass, so getting it for the sake of liking VF would be worth it no doubt. I did the same for the Tekken series and Soul Edge, but like doing that, it is kinda pointless other than maybe getting a feel of the game’s history.

I’d rather pimp VF4:Evo/5 to give VF the attention it deserves in the West.

The DC port was pretty shitty, but VF3 received alot of undeserved hate for having “too many changes” from the VF formula at the time, from multi tiered stages to the slower pace. People are afraid of change but complain when there isn’t any. Go figure. Reminds me of Tekken 4.

If you can find the arcade cabinet, I would see if I could acquire that beauty.

I remember two things about VF3:

  1. My arcade charged 75c per play when it came out.

  2. The game was beautiful.

The fourth button was a little wacky, but I could deal with it. The tiered stages seemed really gimmicky at first, but there were a lot of times when it figured heavily into strategy. Positioning your character in vertical space became nearly as important as in horizontal space.

I’ve heard the port took a hit on the graphics and there are some differences in gameplay, but it’s not like there’s a major scene for arcade perfect VF3 anyway. I say go for it.

I love how people were and still are sooo quick to jump on the port as being bad just because they read that somewhere back in 1999, yet they probably never saw/played VF3 in arcades. If you put them side by side you’d be hard pressed to notice differences save for subtlties (Jacky’s jacket doesn’t animate, mist on Aoi’s stage). The port is good, just clearly rushed.

Anyways alot of people (me included) feel it’s a better game than 4. Evade button feels natural and the tiered stages either add depth or randomness depending on who you ask. Best 3d fighter on Dreamcast by a mile.

edit The VF3 board is dirt cheap.

Unless my memory is deceiving me, they didn’t look the same at all. Genki ported the game instead of AM2 because they were too busy with Shenmue, Virtua Strikers 2 is another game that could’ve been better(so disappointed) on the DC but was also ported by Genki. Not that VF3tb was unbearable or anything, it was and still is the best 3D fighter on the system(yes even better than Soul Slashibur), but I remember the Model 3 version being far better.

This has me all nostalgic for some VF3, Virtua Strikers 2 and Daytona USA.

PS - Give me a range for dirt cheap. I wouldn’t mind having alot of these arcade cabinets if they’re in very good condition.

I’ve been seeing the Japan import version of this for sale for cheap also. Any reason to pick that version up? Or is it relatively the same as the American version?

VF3 intro/attract music = burned into my brain forever.

I’ve heard (not actually seen, since I’ve only played the arcade version) that the Japanese version’s graphics are a little rougher, and that the American version is somewhat improved. I don’t imagine it’s that big of a deal, though.

Thanks… and you’re right. I just found this at ign.

I already made a similar thread to this one regarding VF3/TB months ago, except I had already owned it:

It turned out to be very informative and helpful, but the fact that I am doomed to have to play this game on the DC pad, not to mention how different it is compared to the rest of the VF’s and having no comp to boot, means it’ll permanently be shelved. I think the comp was already dead by the time the game came out in the U.S, need I also mention how Sawl BAH GAWD Calibur completely stole it’s thunder and ruined VF3TB in the eyes of U.S game mags and critics? GamePro completely shat on VF3, giving it scores in the 2.0-3.0 range.

GamePro’s reviews were never that reliable, though. There were substantial allegations that they would review beta versions of games in order to get a head start on the other gaming mags. Like when they reviewed Turok 2 and gave it a perfect score, while the other game mags interviewed it a month later and mostly rated it below average.