Virtua Fighter 4 Evo. Whats your Controller Config?


i was wondering what configeration you guys’ use. id like to use the default but to use Kick + Guard id have to move two fingers onto the pad. which would waste a bit of time. i feel its cheating the game if you program K+G on one button becvause you dont actually have to press them two. i would feel confortable pressing them both though…


I think the default controller setting for this game is terrible.

Okay, on the annoyingly named PS2 buttons, I set square to punch, triangle to kick, X to guard, and O to guard. That way I can access punch, kick, guard, and punch + kick easily, and I can also do punch + guard, kick + guard, and punch + kick + guard easily. I also have R1 as punch + grab, R2 as kick + grab, L1 as punch + kick, and L2 as punch + kick + guard. That’s the best way I’ve found to organize it.


I do the same thing. Not really because of that, but the original setup sucks ass, and it reminds me of the old PSX version of Soul Blade. I loved those controls, so I set these up just like that.


For people playing with an arcade stick, configuration C is same setup as in the arcades.

So go with that.