Virtua Fighter 4 : Training Day

I started playing this game about a couple of days, so far the only character that caught my eye is Shaun Di. I would like to understand the tricks and trade of his moves e.g high and low piorities, good-bad match ups etc.

Apart from that, what are the tier listings and a GOOD wedsite that features videos of top notch players.

Thank u in advance is the place to go for what you want. They have links to a lot of great match videos so you should be fine.

As for your Shun specific questions, I don’t play Shun so I wouldn’t know the first thing to tell you.

High attacks are usually very quick and deal some of the best damage.

thanks again guys, right now i am trying to incorporate his drinking. little bit more hard than i though. by the way were can i get the Vf4 : evo bible

in quest mode after he beats a person in a round he takes a couple drink. then in the next round those drink are still counted for. so in other word drink after you ko you can usually take about to or three.

Did not know that, its pretty cool. I hear some of his moves have can make a character float. Then i think he sidesteps for combos not sure but going to test it out.


Ill be over ya crib johan to see how good your have gotten. My pai will determine that…


think i can do well blindfolded. hahaha

hey dude, I think that if you really wanna learn Shun better, do the Trials in VF4:evo for PS2…it’ll really help out a lot

many detailed practice sessions indeed