Virtua Fighter 5 Character help

i always wanted to pick this game up for YEARS and at 400 points i thought time to finally do it. You should to, lets train together.

so i know nothing about this game. I just turned it on and for character choice, im now at the character select screen, im going on looks. i have settled on Pai Chan, Lei-Fei and Brad. I just want to ask who is the easiest of the 3, who is the hardest, and who is in the middle. Is anyone of them extremely technical? is Lei-Fei very hard? he reminds me of Gen with his different stances

I’m thinking Pai is the easiest but I’m not really qualified to give in-depth strats.

if you haven’t figured it out by now is your best chance for a good answer.

Brad deals big damage off fairly simple hits. Some nice throws and speed too. Lei Fei gets evaded (sidestepped) easily, and if you mash, you’ll end up with huge recovery from his stances and strings, and get launched.
Pai is lighter, so bigger combos work on her. Also many people on Live know her moves quite well, so she can be predictable unless you mix the strings up high, mid and low each time, adding in a few throws.

That day i ended up going with Lei Fei and yes i got sidestepped the whole time. I had to try to not finish his strings. Also i didnt seem to find a move with quick start up. It seemed i was getting counter hit all the day. Still for my 1st day ever playing the game i was pleased:)

@ RaishinX, thanks, I will check out

First, watch this video:

Understand and play by the basics, this is the quickest and easiest way to becoming good.

Then, pick whichever character you want and go through command training until you have a decent grasping/memory of that characters move set (make sure ‘detailed stats’ are on).

Then, learn some basic combo’s and basic avenues to those combo’s; some basic wake-up/oki tactics etc. Vfdc is a good place as was mentioned.

Then, play against the CPU in any of the various modes (including training mode cpu) simply to get comfortable with your character and his/her moveset, combo’s etc.

Then, watch alot of match videos. Always watch (japanese) match videos, as often as you can, you learn so much and it is guaranteed to put you ahead of those who don’t and those who don’t watch them enough. Match videos pertaining to your character are important ofc, but don’t just watch those videos as you wanna learn about all the other characters too. Plus, you may be inspired to use another character after seeing how a high level player uses them.

Anyway, once you’ve gotten accustomed to your character; just practice basic nitaku and hit-checking. Hit-checking is to be aware of whether your attack landed on neutral hit, counter hit or was blocked. If neutral, jab or 2p if your characters elbow leaves you at 0 frames (Pai’s elbow puts her at +3 so in this case you can go for another); if it hits on counter, go for a grab as they can’t fuzzy; if it gets blocked, you’re most likely at -4 so crouch dash fuzzy.

When you learn how to hit-check your commands, and you’ve learned the options leading off each scenario and their counters…you will pretty much breeze through the majority of people who don’t respect the honesty of your play; it also makes it alot clearer and easier to read them because you’ve broken it down to a basic game. This may not make much sense now but it will after you watch Dandy J’s video.

There is alot more to say; and there is alot you can read up on on vfdc, but take it step-by-step so you don’t overwhelm yourself and fall into the psychological trap of thinking this game is ’ insanely hard’ to learn.

My channel has alot of Lei-Fei, Pai and Brad matches so you’re lucky, just remember to make an effort to understand what they’re doing and why they do so…I personally pause and rewind alot:

Thanks Aion i really needed this… I will definately work on the hit checking and take everything step by step… im not in a hurry. ive subscribed to your channel:)