Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown console thread


I’m going to need to run long sets vs Pai, Sarah and Shun

I feel like I am at a loss facing those characters


Pai and Lau make me do the Jackie Chan face in real life.


You’re Akira’s nice too, I noticed alot less palms this time around…either way I was getting hit by them all the time before because my defense suuuuuuuuuuuuucks. I always forget to fuzzy.


There is this thread: Cynuous's VF5:FS Honorable Mention

I still play and have no problem finding matches. My fear is people might stop playing when TTT2 comes in September.


Yeah I feel I am relying to much on the palms to a point where it becomes a gimmick, I too need to work on fuzzy but the game is so fun that I get lazy with training mode lol.


Lol exactly!


Single palm is ridiculous. Why wouldn’t you use it a lot? Then again you might be referring to double palm/stop sign, which could maybe get you in trouble.

I don’t fuzzy guard at all really. I am well aware it’s necessary to some degree for high-level play, but it’s one of those people see as the ultimate key to winning, that by doing it you should automatically win. Been focusing much more on memorizing and reacting to strings and pressure, since input delay makes things a few frames safer than they really are.


VFDC just upgraded to Xenforo. The new site is pretty sick!


The patch is available now, at least on PS3. I hope to see more rooms now.



OPEN SEASON ON SHANG. This is part two of the EPIC war between Me an d SHANG the trout-mouthed punk from Boston. Special cameo by Gunsniper LS.


shangs gotta be like 50 by now


PSN VF5 is dead.


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Because it never had online play in the first place and is based off Ver.B.


You do know I’m talking about FS, right?

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Aaaaannnddd you were proven wrong today when two people showed up in our lobby. That one Sarah was serious business lol. Nice movement and use of flamingo.


Hyping up that VF’s Sunday night raw


Here is the thread for details.


Tricky vs. Evenpit


Blackula vs. Libertine Brad boy match RAW


We Still need more fights so if you want to expose some fraud Sign up on VFDC