Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

Just announced at AOU, the final upgrade to VF5, two years after VF5R came out. No details but you can see from the video that there’s a LOT of new animation that will probably make its way into the game somehow. There are also a ton of new costumes. From what I can tell the game is working a lot like Soulcalibur 3 with more ground-based stun juggles rather than float juggles, something that a lot of western gamers really hate to see (bodies flying in the air because of weak jabs).


Trailer: [media=youtube]VG_MpIipsEE[/media]

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Saw this on the VF website an hour ago, looks pretty sweet. I hope it does come to consoles since I will likely never see its arcade counterpart.


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console this shit…plz

That was actually a pretty cool trailer.





cmon man. please…


Sega is the Card Crusher of arcade fighting game hopes and dreams.

“Hey America/console players, would you like this new Virtua Fighter revision?”

“Why sure, I’d-”

card crush


Looks great, and I hope that this is what gets ported to consoles. I’ve been saying all along that maybe Sega didn’t port VF5R because they were waiting for the equivalent of ‘Final Tuned’ for VF5 before making a port, well, sounds like this one is pretty ‘Final’.

Well, it’s still early days yet, but if I had to put money down, I would say they will be porting this to consoles. I hope I’m not just an eternal optimist, I love VF (Even if I’m absolute rubbish at them).

What he said!

Oh what the fuck.

(console please console please console please)

Lets see what happens during E3 and TGS :wink:

Sega has to troll the shit out of some other fanbase of theirs now that Sonic 4 might not be a piece of hot garbage.

Seriously, that’s a 400 page petition that’s wasted because now there’s a replacement for the game a lot of people were asking for. I’m not a big VF fan but damn, I feel sorry for the players that have been put through the ringer like this.

Looks great! But Sega’s will probably going to let the fans beg/grovel for a port like they did, only to give them the cold shoulder again. :sad:

Praying they release a console port. Probably be the end-all, be-all fighter for me. Man I’m so happy to even know a new version of VF is going to happen as is.

Also, is there anyway we could get this trailer put up on the SRK front-page?

I wonder what it’s gonna take for a console port.

l33tzeppygorrila: (9:34:22 PM) Dandy_J: 9898
(9:34:44 PM) Dandy_J: tell clayton to post ‘FINAL SHOWDOWN MOTHERFUCKER’ in the vf5fs thread
me: wait what? Sent at 1:50 AM on Friday
me: o… I see…

Jaimer35: [media=youtube]VG_MpIipsEE[/media]
go sue Sega
me: O I see… ha…


I don’t know whether to be really excited, or hate Sega even more!


Seriously SEGA…SERIOUSLY?! Gonna put another one in the arcades and not even throwing VF fans a bone on consoles? Do ya like arcade money that much!!! Does yen make you happy?

Bout time I go sign that petition.

Plus hearing that arcades in Japan have a more bleak future than a lot of people originally though…I don’t blame Sega either.

Floaty air based juggles were getting kinda old any ways. Virtua Fighter has a bit more down to earth graphical style to it so it would fit also.