Virtua Fighter 5 Final showdown's Sunday night RAW

This is an online event that involves streaming weekly online exhibition matches - FT’5’s, FT7’s and all the way up to FT10’s (if approved). They will occur on Sundays, from 7pm-until (EST), and will be streamed by BLACKSTAR at

The main goals for Sunday Night R.A.W. are to:

  1. Encourage ALL VF players, top players and otherwise, to play and level up (and stop being “theory-fighter”, shoutbox-hero lames).

  2. Create video content for anyone interested in VF to get into (which makes it easy to pass around and show potential new players, and gives VF players something to watch and have fun with).

  3. Show the WORLD why VF is HYPE!

If you missed the past Streams you can watch them here … aCOkccpDM0

If you want to call out wanna of the best in VF post it here … ons.18353/

Skill doesn’t matter we will make you humble lol.

Both of the links you posted are broken.

Thanks. Fixed it.
If you want in on the drama

If you want to watch the drama