Virtua Fighter 5 for the Xbox (Stick Question)

Has anyone heard anything from Sega, stating that they would also release the VSHG on the Xbox 360, once Virtual Figther 5 was released?

I wanted to check around first, before I attempted to contact Sega (Japan) regarding a possible release on the system. I already know that Hori is planning on releasing a new arcade stick for the Xbox 360 some time Q3/Q4 of this year (per their email they sent me) but again I wasn’t sure about Sega’s stick.

Yo, what’s up Shadowhaxor! :bgrin:

Well, if they are willing to release the game on the 360, then of course they will make a stick for the 360 as well. But when, I don’t know.

I still wonder what Version C of the game will change… (PS2 is B, and 360 is C)